Will Jack In The Box put an extra meat patty on your sandwich?

I’m not a huge fan of Jack In The Box. (Well, except for their tacos. Disgusting and addictive!) But would they put an extra meat patty on a Jumbo Jack if I asked for it?

Have you tried phoning the CEO?

I would be very surprised if there is any fast food place that won’t do this. For a price, of course.

If you aren’t asking at the height of the lunch rush, sure. Or you could just order a Jumbo Jack and a Jr. Jack from the dollar menu and combine them.

I used to manage a Jack in the Box.

They can definitely put an extra patty on your burger. When I was there, it was 50 cents extra for a small burger patty (the one that goes on the kids’ burger, hamburger deluxe/Jr Jack, Bonus Jack, etc.) and 75 cents extra for the jumbo patty (the one that goes on the Jumbo Jack, Ultimate Cheeseburger, etc.)

The POS system that Jack uses is extremely versatile and can ring in pretty much any special order you can imagine. If you really wanted to get exotic, you could even add a spicy chicken patty for $2 or a fried egg for $1 or a scoop of nacho cheese for 35 cents. When I worked there, I even managed to figure out how to ring up a McDonald’s snack wrap (tortilla + chicken strip + lettuce + shredded cheddar + ranch) and a KFC Double Down, (2 spicy chicken patties + bacon + pepperjack cheese + chipotle sauce). I even managed to invent and ring in a spicy chicken burrito that I liked to order for my lunch (tortilla + chicken pita patty + shredded lettuce + tomato + shredded cheddar + grilled onions + salsa + sour cream).

Really, the only limiting factor is how well the clerk at the register knows how to use the POS, how much alteration from the norm the team leader (JIB parlance for shift manager) is willing to put up with, and how much you’re willing to spend.

Thanks, Smapti.

When I was a kid, the Bonus Jack was the best sandwich they had. (I like the All-American burger – without mustard – when they have it.) The Bonus Jack was like a Big Mac, or like a Jumbo Jack with extra meat and bread. Now they have the Ultimate Cheeseburger, which has the meat but lacks the salad. (And it’s a bit ‘too much’ with the cheese and mayo.) A Jumbo Jack with another meat patty would be nice.

I think JITB is trying too hard to make ‘upscale’ burgers. If I want a good burger I’ll go to a one-off place. For ‘fuel burgers’ I’d like other options.

I miss the cheap knockoff 1000 Island dressing they used to use. A few years back they switched to ketchup/mustard and the burgers just aren’t the same.

Y’all want me to make you some Jack sauce?

Back when I was working foodservice in college (not at JiB), I once had a customer come up and ask for an order of extra cheese. It was right there on the menu, after all: “Extra cheese: $0.25”.

She wasn’t trolling us. She had ordered fries earlier, and then decided that she wanted cheese fries, so came back up. I don’t know how easy it was for the cashier to ring up, though.

I also did this once, at a fast food place long ago, but it was the only thing I ordered and I asked the (baffled) cashier to just hand me a slice of cheese, which she did.

I guess it was a kind of proto-trolling. They got my 15 cents and I ate the cheese, though.

When I worked at Magic Mountain I’d order two slices of rye toast, two slices of cheese, and a ground beef patty from the cafeteria. Eventually the woman at the checkout refused to sell me them at the listed price, and instead charged me for (the more expensive) patty melt.

You’re not talking about Secret Sauce are you? If so, they still have it–you just have to ask for it in packets now.

But it’s not a 1000 Island Dressing knockoff, it’s something completely different, so I’m not sure it’s what you’re talking about.

Secret Sauce is mayo, ketchup, relish, vinegar, salt and pepper. Sure sounds like 1000 Island to me.

Good to know about the packets. From now on I’ll order my burgers without the ketchup and have them toss a few packets in instead.

Yeah, it sounds like pretty much every other burger joint’s “special sauce,” which is essentially a type of 1000 Island dressing, or otherwise a mix of mayo, ketchup, pickles of some sort (sweet relish, dill relish, or something similar), and possibly mustard and/or vinegar.

Smapti, you’re my new hero. Not many fast-food managers give enough shits to figure out what you did. If I wore a hat, I would doff it to you.

You are aware that “POS” has another meaning?

More than one other meaning actually. On a frequent flyer board I frequent, I still do a double-take when someone writes that a flight was uncomfortable due to the “POS” sitting next to them. In that context it means “person of size” (well, usually :wink: ) but it initially reads as being a tad rude.

Mind you, I’ve seen more than one point-of-sale system I would also describe as a POS!

Well, I asked and did receive.

The good news: I liked the added bulk.

The bad news: Jack In The Box burger patties have no flavour, so I got more of it.

Maybe I can ask for a Jumbo Jack with added taco.

Oooh! I want a Sloppy Joe with the taco meat. (Sloppy Jack?)

I’d call that a ‘taco sandwich’.