Will Leo Win His Oscar?

I hope he’s nominated for the Revenant, so a simple question, yes or no?

If Leo is nominated, it will be his fifth acting nomination from the Academy. Previous nods: What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (supporting), The Aviator, Blood Diamond, The Wolf of Wall Street.

His likely competition will be 4 of the following:

Steve Carell, The Big Short
Bryan Cranston, Trumbo
Matt Damon, The Martian
Johnny Depp, *Black Mass *
Michael Fassbender, Steve Jobs
Michael B. Jordan, Creed
Ian McKellen, *Mr. Holmes *
Eddie Redmayne, The Danish Girl
Will Smith, Concussion

The only one of these who has won before is Redmayne (although Damon has a Screenplay Oscar). None have been nominated as many times as Leo, though Depp comes closest.

Also, some random trivia: if Leo wins, it will be the first time ever a white performer has won an acting Oscar in a film directed by a person of color–that is, unless Sylvester Stallone wins for Creed first.

I like Leo, and I don’t think he’s a hack fraud, but I also don’t think he will win the Oscar. With competition from Michael Fassbender, Eddie Redmayne, Will Smith and the amazing performances in Spotlight, it’s unlikely that this will be his year.

If this is the full list of potential nominees, then I’m going with Yes, Leo will win. From that list, the most likely would be Eddie, but he just got one last year, so voters would be less likely to give it to him. I really don’t see any momentum with the others listed.

But none of the Spotlight actors will be nominated in Lead, Redmayne won last year (which wouldn’t by itself preclude him from winning since other actors have won two year in a row, but he wouldn’t win for this part, and not over Leo), and Will Smith’s movie hasn’t gotten any kind of traction, which is a shame since I thought it was quite good. Same with Fassbender’s movie. Nominations will be their rewards.

It’s Leo’s to lose, and he’d lose only if he’s caught killing and eating babies and kittens (at the same time). IMO. If that happened, and I assume his PR people would advise him to hold off until after the Oscars, I’d choose Fassbender myself.

I don’t like either of those poll options but I would say he won’t win, may get nominated.

I hope he wins. Remember that guy who looked exactly like Leo, whose picture was circulated online this past year? Someone said, ‘what if this guy becomes an actor and is cast someday to play in “The Leonardo DiCaprio Story” and wins an Oscar for it?’ :D:D:D

I think he deserved to win at least twice already, and didn’t, so there’s that.

Eddie Redmayne turns into a girl, though, so there’s that.

People who play/transition into the opposite sex usually win, although all I can think of at the moment are Linda Hunt and Hilary Swank. On the other hand, people who really scuff up usually win, too.

I actually thought The Danish Girl performance wasn’t that great. It was a dull, risk free, performance. Solely changing sex doesn’t constitute risk for me. This seems to be the fault of the director as all elements were that way…but then again The Reader got love in at least a few categories and that movie wasn’t that great either, so who knows what the academy will do.

Some best actor odds I found have Leo at 1:4 so it looks like he is a pretty big favorite at this point. I haven’t seen it yet, but I’ll have an opinion on Sunday.

You have to admit that Alicia Vikander was great though, yeah? Worth seeing the movie for IMO.

Eventually, he will. This year? I don’t think so at this point.

I’d be thrilled to be wrong, even without seeing The Revenant yet.

Nope, he will never win an Oscar. I saw someone post on another forum that in 30 years time they’ll make a biopic about how Leo never won an Oscar. And the person playing Leo in THAT film will win an Oscar. :wink:

She was, yes, her performance deserves to be seen. The whole thing seems like a missed opportunity though. She had quite a year with that and Ex Machina. Next year she is in The Light Between Oceans directed by Cianfrance and co-starring Fassbender. I’m pretty excited for that.

Best actors to never win.

Ralph Fiennes

As for the question; no I think it will be Redmayne. Just the as in Dallas Buyer’s Club, the issue will win it, although McConaughey’s performance was in general terms better than Redmayne

Redmayne won last year, they won’t give it to him again this year. Back-to-back Best Actor wins have only happened twice in the history of the Academy Awards.

Neither choice reflected my true feelings, but I cast a pro-Leo vote because he’s given a lot of good performances and has made a lot of interesting career choices. Eventually, he’ll get his Oscar, and he’ll probably deserve it.

Right – Tom Hanks won for the issue in Philadelphia, and Redmayne could win with the transgender issue being a very current one.

According to IMDB, it’s happened 3 times. Five if you count the Actresses, too.

  1. Luise Rainer:
    [li]The Great Zigfield (1936)[/li][li]The Good Earth (1937)[/li][/ul]
  2. Spencer Tracy:
    [li]Captains Courageous (1936)[/li][li]Boys Town (1937)[/li][/ul]
  3. Katherine Hepburn:
    [li]Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (1967)[/li][li]The Lion in Winter (1968)[/li][/ul]
  4. Jason Robards:
    [li]All The President’s Men (1976)[/li][li]Julia (1977)[/li][/ul]
  5. Tom Hanks:
    [li]Philadelphia (1993)[/li][li]Forrest Gump (1994)[/li][/ul]

Robards’ wins were for Best Supporting Actor, to be pedantic.

Oh, foo. I didn’t notice that.