Will Palin still trust God if they lose?

Sarah Palin’s recent comments to James Dobson (Focus on the Family) re’ the upcoming election make me wonder.

She said:
“And it also strengthens my faith because I know at the end of the day putting this in God’s hands, the right thing for America will be done, at the end of the day on Nov. 4.”

and that the outcome of the election is “all in God’s hands.”

SO, if she and McCain lose come Nov. 4th, will she either conclude that God considers Obama/Biden the “right thing for America” OR will she conclude that God’s will was somehow subverted?

Because to hear her talk now, she seems to consider Obama and his platform pretty close to the personification of all that is evil and, or at least to be in more or less direct opposition to all she holds sacred.

Or perhaps this is a silly question, given the logical leaps her belief system regulary requires.

It will all be part of God’s mysterious plan.

God is voting for Obama.

These folks always say “God has a plan” whenever even the most heinous shit happens, somehow it’s comforting that the awfulness was on a to-do list somewhere in God’s mind. And it’s been my experience that no matter which way it goes, they say it strengthens their faith, even though it all happens exactly as if it was just chance or the result of non-supernatural causes.

Or she or her followers didn’t have enough faith and God’s punishing them. Or God’s punishing America because of it’s tolerance of gays/liberalism/whole wheat bread/whatever by inflicting Obama aka “The Antichrist” on us. Or agents of Satan changed the election returns with witchcraft.

Of course not. She will then turn to the Dark Lord and declare herself a Democrat.


As Jerry Fallwell would have warned:

10/04/08 will be just like 09/11/01. It will be a terrorist attack on America that only happened because of the homosexuals and the pro-choice advocates. Obama is/will be America’s punishment (as if GWB hasn’t punished us enough).

Well, we seem to have safely passed the dangerous day of October 4th…


Sorry. My bad. Can I edit to 11/04/08?

Maybe, just maybe, enough of the electorate determined their votes on 10/4? Yea, I know, that’s a stretch.



If Obama wins, I’m sure Palin will accept it as God’s Will, offer her full support to his divinely sanctioned administration, and publicly apologize for having mistakenly tried to thwart God’s plans.

I think she already has to accept that God hates her.

Well, if she agrees with the pastor Arnold Conrad, who recently spoke at a McCain rally, then we’ll have to assume the Hindu is, indeed, a bigger God than God himself.

Whoever “Hindu” is, that is…
More likely, she’ll just go to the good old “the Lord works in mysterious ways” fallback.

Neither of these two options will be acceptable. The third option is that the people have turned their backs on God and will be punished. This actually may have occured already. It seems the economic collapse happened shortly after Obama pulled ahead conclusively(beyond margin of error) in the polls.
God knows what’s in the people’s hearts.

Yes. I’m sure we can all agree on that.

If the OP is serious (I have a hard time believing these type of questions are nothing more than rhetorical and a set up for ridicule), I’ll bet she’ll be blaming herself along the lines of Saul’s experience.

Here she was miraculously polevaulted into the serious opportunity to be president of the United States and blew it by lying about her opponents and succumbing to the vanity that accompanies expensive apparel and the adulation of crowds.

Let’s find out, shall we?

Faith is (or should be) an incredibly private matter, so who can really tell?

Publicly, I’m sure she’ll come up with “the Lord has called me to other opportunities” or something like that.

The OP may not have been a seriously intended question (and my response was not a seriously intended answer) but Palin really did say what she said.

So if Palin is sincere and she really believes God is deciding the outcome of this election then she should accept the consequences. If it’s God’s plan to have Barack Obama as President, then Sarah Palin as a devout Christian should accept this as the right thing even if she doesn’t understand the reason.

The other possibility is that Palin isn’t being sincere and is only invoking God’s name in this election in order to help her chances of being elected. If the election doesn’t go in her favor, she’ll abandon her claims of divine will and assume she lost for secular reasons.

It’s hypocritical to claim it’s God’s will if things go the way you want them but God had nothing to do with it if things go the other way. God doesn’t work for you and sometimes He’s going to do things you don’t agree with.

Excuse me, but we agents of Satan do NOT use witchcraft; such is forbidden by the Compact of Neutrality signed in 1694. When we screw with you guys, it’s always with tech humanity itself invented.

This is the first time I’ve ever heard anyone question her faith. You might as well question whether she’s a Muslim or not. You don’t question her stand on the issues that divide fundamentalist Christians from other Americans do you ?