Will Sandusky be a man?

Convicted on 45 of 48 counts, and at 68 years old, he’s breathed his last breath of fresh air. Would seem to me that he could preserve his home/assets (assuming civil suits will soon follow) for his family if took his own life. But will he?

Suicide won’t protect anything from a civil suit. You can sue an estate just like you can a live person.

I’d like to object to the premise of the thread that committing suicide would somehow make anyone a ‘man’

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While we’re still in GQ, is Sandusky even under any kind of suicide watch?

Back when the reports came out, political commentator Jimmy Williams predicted “He’ll be dead in six months.”

To me, if he’d done it back before he ever molested a child, it’d have made him a better person. Wouldn’t accomplish much of anything now.

That does seem to happen sometimes, even in the absence of suicide. Hosni Mubarak, Ken Lay, probably others . . .

Most likely yes.

Not sure that suicide is a valid qualifier for manhood.

Commiting suicide will neither stop a lawsuit nor get his family any life insurance money. And Sandusky strikes me as the kind of guy who still doesn’t know that what he did was wrong. He was just being a “big kid” after all, eh?

I doubt he was talking about suicide.

No, in the context I’m pretty sure he was of the opinion that it would be by his own hand.

I heard that he is.

Morbid, but I’ve wondered why more people with convictions but unexhausted appeals don’t go the Kenneth Lay route. Seems almost like a get out of jail free card, except for the being dead part.

IANAP, but I cannot understand how, given his situation, suicide wasn’t chosen months ago.


My guess is the p stands for predator, pervert, pederast, or pedophile.

And what’s with the bloodlust? No, I’m not defending the scum who just got convicted. I’m simply absolutely against the death penalty.


The comment I heard on one of the 24-hour “news” channels was that he is under a suicide watch, but only for his own protection.

I’m really not sure what they meant by that.


Possibly that he might kill himself or inflict harm in trying in the first 48 to 72 hours, but would adjust afterwards to his new reality.