Will the # of REPLIES Ever Equal the # of VIEWS? -Enter only if you intend on replyin

Ok, if you stepped into this thread and are reading this right now, you must reply when your done.

id like to know if this has ever happened, can replies ever equal posts? maybe, but i imagine not for long. so lets give it a try. why? because were in the mundane pointless stuff i must share message bored, thats why! i know some people reading this are lurkers that have no login… but please, for the sake of mundane pointlessness, REPLY!

you can discuss anything you’d like in here. maybe just reply even with a simple, ‘hello’. lets give it a whirl… has this ever been attempted before? well, if you know the answer, you have a reason to reply! lets try. just… try. :slight_smile:
p.s. if you think this is just very very pointless… and would like to yell at me for even suggesting this, go ahead. submit your reply. but know ahead of time that i did specify in my topic that if you had no intention on replying, then please not enter.

Sorry for the double post, but I was immediatly transferred to my post after posting… and i think i have to reply now. :slight_smile:

carry on.

well. screw that.

It can only happen under these circumstances (and cannot happen to this thread):

The creator of the thread does not view it after s/he creates it.

Anyone else who view it creates it.

Since this thread already has more views than posts (0/1), and you must view a thread to post to it, this thread will never have an equal number of posts to threads.

Off to ATMB?

Zev Steinhardt

Zev Steinhardt

Probably not.

Hi Opal.


I put it this way:

"The measure of a great thread is not how many replies it coerces, but how many viewings you get. . . "

You can quote me on that. But I’m a MPSIMS bitch. What do I know?

There are already 30+ views and only 6 maybe I am 7 replies

  1. Yes.
  2. Maybe.
  3. Hi Opal.
  4. No way.

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B: Yes, I do.
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looking around

loud belch

“S’cuse me”

wanders back out in a drunken stupor

This is why they put the M and P in MPSIMS

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Kill me now.

It will NEVER happen.

It is because you view the thread once you open it, plus you chalk up another view once your post goes thru.

AFAIK, the best you can hope for is 50% posts/views (and that’s assuming that no one ever comes back to the thread just to look).

I think 10% posts/views is a pretty good indication of a succesful thread. IMHO, of course.

Maybe you could hit post a couple of times before you are transferred? Would that give you more replies than veiws? If everyone did that, you could have more replies than views!

Well, how about if you start another thread with a link to the reply page for this one? Does that still add a view? How about if I simply managed to write the http command to post a response into telnet? And told everyone else how to do it? Hmmm… Well let’s see what this does.

Each opening and posting seems to only add one view. Now trying coming here from a link straight to reply page. Hopefully no views will be addded.

It worked. I added the last response without adding any views by following a link I stuck in some sig test thread in ATMB. Also, I keep increasing my post count by doing this crap. Now to start a new thread to help Arthur out in his quest.

It’s already been done. When we first switched over to vBulletin last spring, we already had many pre-existing threads with replies from the UBB software. However, UBB didn’t count views, so all threads stated off with 0 views listed. There’s probably still a few lying around in the dusty recesses of page 722 or so, but I’ve no clue how one would easily find them.

By the way, I came to this thread through waterj2’s link in ATMB, and I intend to close this window as soon as I hit “submit”, so I’m doing my part.

GAME 2 of the week. Don’t open this thread if you don’t plan on responding.