Will there be any liberals left here after the conversion to paying site?

Just what the question asks. After reading hundreds of posts of “been-there” understanding and sympathy about how life is when you are so poor that you can’t afford a Taco Bell Bean Burrito, and how the only people with money are the heartless corporate CEO’s and their rich conservative buddies, I can only assume that most of the men and women of the people, the squeezed middle-class, the proletariat, will have to drop off of this board when it converts to a pay site, having no money left after Bush took it from them and gave it to the already-rich.

Will we have to engage in affirmative action for our board’s liberals, who are clearly donating all of their excess cash (what minor amounts they have after that sombitch W took it away to buy a second yacht and murder third world children) to charities and other project, in order to have an even and fair mix of viewpoints after the $5.00 charge kicks in?

I propose that the Straight Dope have a contest. The five most rehashed and uninspired rants about any of the three following topics gets a free one year membership:

  1. Why do we need to invade Iraq? To murder people, take their oil, and drive to the mall in our SUVs;

  2. Why did George Bush want to invade Iraq (other than for the reasons in #1)? He probably confused it with Mexico on the warroom map; or

  3. Goddamn it, I hate George Bush, that stupid fucker should die, sonofabitch, strap him to the top of an SUV, with all of his ill-gotten filthy lucre, cover him with gasoline he stole from the peace-loving democracy of Iraq, and set him on fire, but oh wait, maybe we shouldn’t, because the bastard cut the funding for our local government services, and we couldn’t put the fire out, and it might hurt some local orphans, who are only orphaned because George Bush killed their parents by sending them to Iraq, and that would be horribly ironic if George Bush killed them to by being lit on fire.

Thoughts, suggestions (nothing involving anal probing please, I’m sensitive).

I have a better idea. Why don’t you go fuck yourself.

Couldn’t even come up with five examples? Man. This pitting is lame.

I’m not going to ask for 100 cites, but I think 10 would suffice. I’m calling “bullshit” on your “liberal=poor” generalization.

While I lack the eloquence of Diogenes, I tend to agree with the sentiment. However I would suggest that with possible exception of #2, I do not think the rants of which you complain can be classified as liberal, rather they are just simplistic.

[gentle teasing, for fellow liberals]
What Liberals where? I haven’t run across to many.

[end gentle tease]

Slyfrog try to remember that Liberal does not mean the same thing as Democrat.

I had more, but George Bush took them from me.

And disliking President Bush and his policies doesn’t necessarily mean one is either of those, as other threads here have demonstrated.

I must not understand what **I ** what I was trying to say because **I ** don’t recall ever asserting anything close to that

Just ignore one of the what I’s

Despite quoting your post, it’s entirely reasonable he included it as emphasis for a comment directed toward the OP, and not you.

Sorry, askeptic - that was aimed at Sly Frog and was intended to follow on from your comment, not to rebut it.

But you know us Lib’ruls; we confuse easily. :wink:

[on preview]

Thanks, Munch.

OK, now I am confused, are your (MUNCH) comments addressed to me? The OP? Some unknown Other? :confused:

This thread is too funny. Not only is the OP picking a stupid, done-to-death fight, but the real question is “Will There Be Any Conservatives Left?”, since this is an absurdly left-wing board. Talk about getting it backwards…

My earlier to you was not meant to be as snotty as it sounds.

Exhibit A being John Heinz Kerry.

WHOOSH (how do you spell that word?)

Um, yeah. That was kind of the joke.

I’ll admit that this board is absurd at times, but “absurdly left-wing” ?

I bet that 90% of the people who leave this board because of finances are poor, mostly non-political and young (16-26). This is just MHO.

So the status quo will remain. I rather think it’s evenly balanced between liberal and conservative viewpoints. But we can always hope… :slight_smile:

Americans: Vote Now - Bush or Kerry?, in which the poll results are overwhelmingly in favor of Kerry and are so completely out of touch with reality that it defies description.

Bush vs Kerry Poll results, in which the results are tabulated for the first 100 votes, to the tune of a 82-18 victory for Kerry, and includes an intersting discussion where dwalin says

and the OP of the thread says

thus disproving that intelligence has anything to do with liberalism and/or voting for Kerry.

If you do you’re one of the only ones.

Here’s one liberal who’ll still be here. I may not be rich, but I think I can spare five fucking dollars.

Thanks for generalizing, though, SlyFrog. I personally enjoy being classified as a stereotype.

Excuse me, I must leave for my daily burning of George Bush in effigy.