Wilma or Ardala?

Decisions, decisions…

Deering or Flintstone?

Ardala a country mile. She and her scanty outfits was the only thing watcheable about that show. All of which I was forced to relive recently when some friends bought the DVD and put it on after dinner one night.

  • Tamerlane

Colonel Wilma Honey, most certainly. Ardala was nicely slutty, but Wilma…
Something about a white spandex uniform, I guess. :smiley:

That should be “Ardala by a country mile.”

Sorry, it just has to be the delectable Colonel Deering. Ardala was just too darn tacky for my taste.

Does anyone have a link to whatever the hell it is you’re talking about?

Colonel Wilma Deering

Princess Ardala

It’s got to be Wilma Deering.

And Erin Gray still looks fabulous. She should have been in that “Over 50 women who are still hot” thread (she’s 55 now).

I got to talk to Erin at Comic-Con last year. Quite a nice lady, and as Sam noted, still very attractive.

Must there needs be a choice twixt yon comely lasses? Wist not both for a frolicsome decade of debauchery neath the glow of Vegas lights?

Okay, where the hell did that come from? :dubious: