Wimbledon 2010

Your picks?

Womens singles -Maria Sharapova
**Mens Singles **- Leyton Hewitt
Womens Doubles - The Williams Sisters
Mens Doubles - Horia Tecau & Robert Lindstrom.
Mixed Doubles - Draw isn’t up yet, but if she is playing I’ll say Sebrotnik & who ever she partners.

Leyton Hewitt?!

We should also use this thread for ongoing discussion of the tournament. :slight_smile:

He just beat Federer at the Weber Open, a lead in tournament for Wimbledon.

Anyway, my picks.
Men’s Singles: Roger Federer
Ladies’ Singles: Serena Williams
Doubles Men: Bryan Brothers
Doubles Ladies: Williams Sisters**

I can’t even guess Mixed at all. I’m unfamiliar with it.

When does Wimbledon start? Isn’t it not for another month?

No, it starts Monday.

The grass court season is really short in tennis. I guess they have to time it for when the weather in England is best, so that’s how it is.

Then we wait until the end of August for the US Open.

The tournament starts Monday, and they made the draws a few days ago. Men’s singles draw, women’s singles, men’s doubles, and women’s doubles. I apologize for the layout, which sucks and makes it hard to tell what the matchups might be after round two.

Hewitt has done well lately but he’s not going to win Wimbledon. Let’s get serious: it would be a shock if it was anybody except Federer or Nadal. Hewitt is usually out in the third or fourth round at majors, and I think he would get Djokovic in round four here. Who knows what’s up with Djokovic these days, actually. But still, Hewitt is not going to win this thing.

Sentimentality (oh, and history) push me to say Federer beats Nadal in the final, maybe for the last time. Grass is still perfect for Venus and Serena and I’m not sure who is going to take that from them.

Men’s singles - as a proud and loyal Brit, it’s anyone that’s not Andy Murray :smiley:

Women’s Singles: Sam Stosur - She was so much fun to watch at the French and I really want it to be her turn.

Men’s Singles: Federer - He really is the best on grass, plus I want him to make it a little harder for anyone to break his record.

Men’s Doubles - The Bryan Brothers - They aren’t the dominant force they once were, but I think they have a couple more finals in them.

Women’s Doubles: The Williams Sisters - They are just that good when they play together.

Clijsters is into the second round, but Federer dropped the first set against Alejandro Falla.

Falla is really punishing Fed’s backhand! I wonder if Falla can keep his level of play up for the entire match. Could be an interesting first day.

Uh, Falla is really beating Federer. Weird.

Falla is on a three-match losing streak at Wimbledon but he’s now serving for the second set against Federer.

Federer 2 sets to 0 down. This’ll be where Falla realises what the score is and goes into brain-freeze mode.

Any particular reason? He seems to come in for a lot of stick over here for some reason, much of it (among English people) I suspect from a fabricated news story that tried to make out he was anti-English a few years ago. (Remember the Paraguay shirt myth?)

The line judge on the far left side has a strange technique. I don’t think my back could take that much bending.

Welease Woger!!! Someone has the weal Woger twapped in a pwison.

Falla had three break points to serve for the match and couldn’t do it. Next game, of course, Federer takes one and it’s 2-1 in sets. The Fed Express is back on track…

Or is it?

Promptly hits the buffers again :slight_smile:

Falla breaks in the opening game of the fourth. Thought he’d lost his chance in that rally but did really well to see it out.

Pressure’s on this Falla fella here.