Win a contest and piss off Rush Limbaugh

The Democratic Party is running a contest for a slogan to put on a billboard. In Rush Limbaugh’s hometown in Florida.

I think it would be fun if a Doper won. Don’t seem to be any rules or fees or limits on numbers of entries.

Damn! Every time you submit an entry, it hits you up for a donation. Well, apparently you’re not required to make one to enter.

I don’t particularly feel like giving the Democratic party my email address. But if anyone wants to enter my submission, it would be:

America: Where the Law of the Land is not Optional

Rush may or may not be right. . . but he is an idiot.
Oops, forgot to add: Of course the law of the land is optional.

I’m not signing up to enter, but if I did, I’d go with:

Fools Rush in…

I believe that we fought a war against Britain because we didn’t feel it was.

No man is above the law, regardless of his title. If the law will change, it needs be changed through the lawful avenues.

Mega dittos to Obama.

“Sorry about all that independent thinking.”

…where Bigots fear to tread.

“Pay no attention to the man behind the microphone.” - The GOP
“We’re with stupid.” - The GOP

(Yes, I already submitted both.)

To blatantly rip off Mark Twain

“Oxycontin is for stupid fools, and Republican leadership, but I repeat myself”

Also submitted.

Why am I not surprised that Limbaugh lives in Florida…

(Not a billboard suggestion, just an observation. Why is the Democratic Party advertising for Rush Limbaugh?)

I submitted one. It’s 11 words, rather than the requested 10:

“You have to be on drugs to hope the President fails!”

If I had the time and inclination, I would mine his old shows for times when he stated that addicts should be imprisoned. Then I would fill the billboard with his own words, complete with cites.

Florida Unemployment 8.9%, highest in 17 years.

Florida floreclosures at 8.95% over twice the national average.

Credit market in shambles.

“I hope Obama Fails” - Rush Limbaugh

“Rush Limbaugh is a tofu-eatin’ liberal!”


Too bad there’s a ten-word limit, or I’d suggest:

Q: What’s 18 inches long and hangs in front of an asshole?

A: Rush Limbaugh’s necktie.

I’m not sure why the Democrats are advertising for Rush, but if they must it should be subtle and ironic. A straight-forward insult wouldn’t impress me. How about:

“Rush Limbaugh: Protecting America from Godless Commies!”
“Obama listens to Rush, Do You?”
“Rush Limbaugh: Great American or Greatest American?”

Seems like a pointless exercise. Just more faux outrage, similar to Republicans hyperventilating about MoveOn or Michael Moore.

kenner116: At least ours is funny. (Doesn’t take much to out-funny a junkie.)

Hah. Good one. I’m sure Rush is enjoying all this attention. I wonder how many others have, like me, started visiting Rush’s website regularly to see what else he has to say about the Obama brouhaha? I never cared what he had to say before, but I sure do now! Way to go, Dems!