Winamp Wuestion. Setting up two instances of the program.

I just built a new DJ station for the nightclub I manage. On the old system we have two soundcards and two instances of Winamp. One is the monitor, the other sends signal to the mixing board, from there to the amp and then to the speakers.

We run two instances of Winamp on the system so that you can sample or create multiple playlists on the fly. I did not set up the old system, but have used it many times.

Since I did not set it up andthe person who did is unavailable I was hoping to get some advice on how to set up and run two instances of Winamp to run through the different soundcards. I do know I have to rename one executible.

The O/S in Win98 OSR 2 REV B.

Open up Winamp.

Right click the task bar where Win Amp is open.

Choose Winamp -> Options -> Preferences.

Choose the Options heading.

Under that, the fourth check box down is “Allow Multiple Instances”. Check it.

After that, it is some simple process of elimination on which instance of Win Amp is attached to which sound card.