"Windfall"- Episode 1...

So did anyone else watch this last night? Stainz and I caught it. It was okay, I’ll give it another week maybe two.

It’s pretty tough trying to figure out all these characters and their relationships. I guess we’ll see how it goes.

The one thing that bothered me, it looks like they won on a 5 number lottery. I work for a lottery corporation and there is no way a 5 digit lottery would reach that high of a jackpot. Oh well…


I watched the first 15 minutes or so. Didn’t like it, it didn’t ring true. I’ve never won the lottery but if I won even a portion of a $386 M jackpot (or whatever it was) I wouldn’t be running outside & cheering, I’d be sitting in a stupor on my couch, trying to absorb the reality of how my life was about to change. Ten grand, sure, I’d probably jump and cheer a bit, but millions? No way.

Also, the guy & his mistress go get gas & lottery tix; when they get to the gas station it’s raining cats & dogs. A few minutes later they get back to the house and everything’s dry. Huh? I guess their little liplock moment worked better in the rain, continuity be damned.

I can definitely see why it’s on the summer schedule - less competition and viewers of summer t.v. usually will settle for shows of lower quality.

I didn’t mind it, because I wasn’t expecting much. But it all seemed very “B” grade to me - acting, character development, story lines. For the Cheese Factor though, it gets an A.

I especially liked the pizza delivery chick’s helicopter exit from her trailer park life. :rolleyes:

My theory is the numbers had to be in a specific order to win.

[slight hijack] Maybe you can answer this question, then. Why, if 649 and Super7 are “National” lotteries, are the draws done in Ontario, and how does that affect cut off times across the country? [/slight hijack ].

As to the original post, I don’t watch much commercial TV (CNN, TLC and Discovery are 90% of my viewing), so nothing to add there.