Windfall in my mail! Thanks Obama!

I opened up my mail to find a message from my health insurance plan. Apparently they did not meet the required 85% threshold for spending premiums on actual medical care as per the ACA. If fact, they only spent 69%. Therefore, they were required by law to refund me about 10% of my yearly premium (which is a decent amount as it is in 4 figures). Of course, if the ACA did not exist (or is invalidated by the Supremes) then the company could just keep the money. I believe I will be depositing this check posthaste, before that happens. I wonder how many Trump supporters will get a similar windfall and still want to dump Obamacare?

They’ll give thanks to Dear Leader (from whom all blessings flow). They’ve repeatedly shown themselves to be fact-immune.

Just this week I got the booklet from my HMO (Kaiser if you must know) describing the significant plan changes for the coming year. Much to my surprise, the monthly premiums, as well as most co-pays for most services and prescriptions, are noticeably lower for next year. (At first glance, looks like about 8% overall, just a quick estimate.)

No explanation of why, but I’m not going to argue.