Window resize problem in Outlook

When I use Outlook (2002) at work, I like to keep my “Inbox” as the main window and usually open the calendar or other folders in a new window. Up until a few weeks ago, the new window always opened as a slightly-less-than-maximized sized window (i.e. covering most of my screen). However, lately the new windows have been opening at about one-fourth size. It’s especially annoying when opening the calendar, as everything is all scrunched up and I have to maximize or manually resize the window before I can read anything.

I thought that there was a trick where holding “Shift” or “Ctrl” while resizing a window would cause new windows to open in that new size, but that doesn’t seem to be working. (I don’t know, maybe I’m remembering that trick from my OS/2 days.) Nothing I’ve tried will make my new windows in Outlook open larger like they used to.

Any suggestions? I’ve tried googling for a solution but have not been able to find anything that applies to this particular situation.

The [Ctrl] trick with MS applications works on closing windows. If you hold down [Ctrl] while using File/Close (not the top right X) the window settings will be saved. Open Outlook open the Calendar in another window and resize it and close it with [Ctrl] File/Close. When you next open it, it should automatically open a calendar window of the size you want.

I have tried that, but that is not exactly what I’m looking for. If I have Outlook open, then open the calendar in a separate window, then choose “File | Exit” (there is no “Close”) from the calendar window menu while holding down “Ctrl”, it closes both the calendar window *and * the main Outlook window. When I reopen Outlook, the calendar window automatically reopens in the size and position it was in when I closed it, but then if I close the Calendar and re-open it in a new window, it is still opening in a one-fourth-sized window. I don’t necessarily want the Calendar to open automatically whenever I open Outlook, but when I do open the Calendar (or any other folder in a new window) I want it to open as a larger-sized window.

Just following up on this. I finally stumbled across the solution a couple days ago and thought I would share what I found, in case anyone was interested.

When opening a folder in a new window in Outlook, the size of the new window is the same size as the main Outlook window when it is not maximized. No Shift or Ctrl is necessary, just un-maximize the main window, resize as desired, close Outlook and reopen, and maximize the main window again. Opening a new window will result in a window that is the same size that the main window was when Outlook was restarted.