Windows 2007 Exchange on a 2008 a 2003 domain. Anyone?

Any Microsoft guru’s yet installed Windows 2007 Exchange on a Windows 2008 Server? If so, any issues or concerns or any other weirdness encountered?

Next, anyone implemented the above in an existing 2003 domain? Again, any issues or other Microsoft weirdness encountered?

I’m prepping for a trip next week where I’m supposed to implement a Windows 2007 Exchange server on a Windows 2008 Server platform (that I’ll be building out from scratch)…and all this to replace an existing 2003 Exchange/Server platform in the customers existing 2003 domain.

My experience with 2008 Server is very limited…as is my experience with 2007 Exchange. Any thoughts or advice or links would be GREATLY appreciated.


Server 2008 needs a bit of setting up before you can even put Exchange 2007 on it. Started playing around with it a couple of weeks ago when I had some spare time at work (and a spare computer) and got this far

You do need to make sure you have Exchange Server 2007 SP1.

Real work has intervened unfortunately. However this looks like a step by step guide

Good luck, and when googling for stuff remember the SP1 so you don’t get bogged down with irrelevant stuff.

Thanks! I appreciate the links and will print em out and look em over tomorrow. The good news is I have an entire week to get this one task done…so in theory at least the goal is achievable.