Windows Explorer / Half Windows

When I click on an inside link in Windows Explorer, the linked site pops up at half size and not the full window that it used to. Can someone please tell me how I can revert it back? Thanks.

When one of the half sized windows pops open, use the mouse cursor to resize the window by dragging the edges and/or corner of the window so that its native size is full size. Windows should then remember that the native size of the browser window is full size. If you resize the window by using the middle button at top right, you aren’t changing the native size and so any new window pops open at the original native size.

Close. You left out an important bit. For this to work, you should close ALL instances of Explorer, but one. You then resize the window by dragging, as described. Once you have the window the size you want it, select Close from the File menu. When you launch an Explorer window the next time, it will open the size you set it to. This works for Internet Explorer, as well.