I have a PC which came with WINDOWS ME. It is such a stupid piece of software-it can’t even be trusted to shut itself down! You tell it to shut down, and it stares at you-you have to stand by, as it frequently hangs up and confuese itself (“lets see, do I want to turn myself off?”). Many times, I will shut down, and leave the room-only to find the dumb machine in a blue-screen fog, unable to decide what it wants to do!
Calls to Microsoft are a joke-their suggestion-buy a new edition of Windows! Bill Gates-you are a huckster and a charlatan!:wally

I use Win98, and it does the same annoying shutdown thing about 50% of the time. Most of the time, it gives me no trouble at all, though I’m not exactly a power user or anything. It baffles me that it can’t figure out how to turn itself off, all it asks me to do is hit a key during the blue screen, and off it goes! I keep thinking, “It can’t do this by itself?”

I hate the archive it uses to do a restore if necessary. This is a major problem for me and I am considering going back to Win98.

I have never had a sick computer heal itself yet and have no faith in this archive.

However it does take 4 GIG of my precious hard drive! How do you get rid of this?

Also I am always running virus software, but somehow they get in this “compressed” directory any my computer is unable to clean the viruses. Arggghhh.

Windows 98, Millenium Edition was a patch too far. Get thee some Windows 98 Second Edition, post haste.

Trans: MS put too many whistles and bells in ME, and wound up breaking many things they’d fixed in Win’98 SE.

I use Win98se. With all the drivers updated and reliable hardware, it’s about as solid as you’re going to get on the win9x core. WinMe was just a bad idea all around.

It reminded me of a line in the old scifi story “The Marching Morons” where the scientists mentioned making cars loud on purpose to fool the idiots who drive them into thinking they’re going fast. Lots of bells & whistles that really didn’t do anything at best and at worst tortures your computer into committing suicide…

Windows ME is sooooo last year. Most people are now on their way to bitching about XP.

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Switch to Debian, you bunch of whining lusers!
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