Windows XP shutdown options

The normal story after you click on Turn Off Computer is a box with three icons from left to right: Standby, Turn Off and Restart.

I’ve seen a different scheme: the box contains a vertical menu without icons; the list includes Hibernate and has the most recent action highlighted. Anyone know how to switch to this scheme?


That’s it! Many thanks.

If you hold down the shift key while you’re looking at the icon version, Standby turns to hibernate.

You are welcome.

This apparently does not apply to XP Pro. On my XP Pro box, I see the dropdown box on shutdown. When I go to User Accounts, the “Change the way. . .” option is not there.

Strange. I’m using XP Pro, and when I go to Control Panel -> User Accounts, the third option under “Pick a Task” is “Change the way users log on or off”.

OK, something I’ve always wondered is what’s the difference between standby and hibernate. And for that matter which one is activated when you push the “moon” key on you keyboard.

And how the heck do you disable that key since every time I push the key by accident, I can never remember how to restart my computer easily.

“When I press the sleep button on my computer”
There is a pull down box, select “DO NOTHING”.

Are you in an admin accout? It is grayed out on limited users.

Standby is a low-power state in which the computer is still on, and information is held in memory. If the battery runs out, or the power fails, when the system is in standby, everything unsaved will be lost. It consumes much less power to keep a computer in standy than running on full power, and the time taken to resume is comparatively short, so it’s a good compromise.

When you put Windows into hibernate mode, everything in memory is written to disk, and then the computer is turned off - so a computer can stay in hibernate indefinitely, even without power. When you resume from hibernation, all your data is pulled off the disk and put back into memory, so you can resume from the point where you left off, even if you hadn’t saved your data.

On my laptop (Dell Inspiron 510m), there’s a key combination for suspend, but to hibernate I have to go to the Start menu. YMMV.

Meanwhile, back at “Display”
“Screen Saver” tab
There is a “hibernate” tab.

When I “enable hibernation”, (apply) :slight_smile:
Hibernate is added as an option to “When I press the power button”, “When I press the sleep button”, and “when I close the lid” under the “Advanced” tab.

[nitpick]The “computer” is off, only the RAM memory remains on. CPU, video, HD, etc, are powered down.[/nitpick] (everything else in your post was quite accurate, though)

I have admin privileges. Here’s a screen shot of what I see when I click on User Accounts. My account is JSEIGLE.

You are probably connected to an Active Directory domain (or to a domain through Active Directory). The other method of logging in and out is not applicable for domains.

I can’t make your link work.

Well, the original OP seems to have been answered, maybe I can borrow the thread for a minute.

I have XP, SP2 and cannon get my computer to shut off or go into hibernate (or stand by).

When ever I select either of those two options, the computer performs a restart. I have to physically punch the button to actually shut it down. I’ve recently rebuilt the harddrive (reinstalling a new copy of XP) and I don’t remember whether I had the problem before or not.

Any ideas here?


Oh, yeah. Work PC, in their domain. (In fact, the thing I hate about that configuration is when I connect at home, I can connect to the Internet but not the home network.)

If you reinstalled Windows, it may just be a matter of reinstalling all your drivers. Did you do that?

Yes, thanks. Drivers are all up to date.