Wine Lovers: Is This Gauche?

Laugh if you must, but I happen to like the fruitier wines. I know it is not often the desired taste of wine lovers. In fact, some may turn their noses up at this. That said, would it be wrong or cheap of me to send an Arbor Mist wine as a gift? What’s the consensus have to say about Arbor Mist wines?

Arbor Mist is pretty much wine for people who don’t like wine. I’m not judging; if you like it, great! But if you’re sending it to folks who are of the wine-drinking persuasion, they will likely be disappointed.

Put it this way: if I got a bottle of Arbor Mist as a gift, I’d be polite and say thank you, and be truly happy someone thought enough of me to get me a gift, but it’d go down the sink pretty much immediately. It’s not to my liking, and I don’t think I know anyone who would enjoy it.

Is Arbor Mist technically wine? Not that that’s directly relevant to the question, unless you’re in a situation where you’re specifically supposed to give wine as a gift.

It makes a fairly decent drain cleaner. But yeah, if someone gifted us a box, it would merit a “How nice. You shouldn’t have.” and into the trash it would go.

There are a lot of reasonably good wines in boxes out there these days. Send one of those instead.

Arbor Mist has fans. But they are a select group and somewhat insular. For protection, wrap it in brown paper and leave it beneath a bridge downtown. It will make it’s way to it’s afficionados.

I googled it, and it comes up as a wine on multiple websites, but that can just be how its categorized by distributors and retailers. Eh. I think of it as a wine-based blended alcoholic beverage.

My Dad loved sweet, cheap wines. Boone’s Farm, Arbor Mist, you name it. In fairness, they aren’t bad for what they are, but I find them oversweet, and cloying after more than a glass. Much prefer the real deal.

I had to google it. Here’s what Wikipedia says:

"Arbor Mist is the brand name of an alcoholic beverage which blends wines such as Merlot, Zinfandel and Chardonnay with fruit flavorings and high fructose corn syrup. Its slogan is “Great Tasting Wine with a Splash of Fruit.”

I might drink a glass of that on ice in the summer, but that’s not wine and wine drinkers won’t appreciate it as a gift.

Drinking it yourself? No problem, you should drink what you like.

Giving it as a gift? Unless you’ve seen the person order Arbor Mist before, I would stay away.

I think it’d be a gas to send it to an oenophile, perhaps repurposed in a bottle labeled as a rare old Chateau Something-Or-Other.

Then the wine fancier’d have a chance to emote about its subtle notes of fruit and corn. :slight_smile:

Everyone has been very polite, but notice the message is a very strong DON’T DO IT!!!

Unless it is someone who you think would appreciate a gift of fake dog poop from Spencer Gifts they will likely not want this either.

Jinx, if you would like to give something inexpensive to a wine lover, how about a pretty wine stopper or coaster? Or maybe a food they might enjoy with wine, like cheese straws or nuts or dark chocolate. I think those would be more likely to please.

Yeah, the hot-n-tots won’t like it but my low class BIL would be more than happy. Pick your gift for the giftee.

If you want fruit wine, get fruit wine or fruit brandy. Many fruits and herbs are available. Plum, elderberry, cherry, pomegranate, date palm, orange, etc. But the description quoted above sounds revolting, not even a good joke.

As far as blended what-not, I suggest a nice mulled wine (if you are currently in winter).

And other South Africans will?

It might make a good white elephant gift.

I just googled it, because I wasn’t familiar. It’s $5.49…it would certainly cost you more to send it than what you paid for it.

Even aside from that, just…no.

I knew some one would say that. I really had no idea that is what hot-n-tot meant. I meant to say the upper class of wine drinkers. You know folks who know wine, unlike my BIL.

Back in the 80s, I was home on leave, and I arranged to visit my best friend from college and his wife for an evening of wine and cheese tasting (which he had told me was his new “interest”). I picked up a nice bottle and wedge, but surprised them when I arrived at their door with a bottle of Boone’s Farm and a pound of Velveeta.

Good times. :smiley:

ETA: OP, I think, based on the consensus, that you’d best limit this type of gift to people who you already know enjoy that kind of beverage.

Maybe hoity-toitys would have been a more felicitous choice…

FWIW, this is a pretty loaded word. I know you didn’t mean it that way, but you may want to look into its history. There was a long thread about it awhile ago, but I’m having trouble tracking it down.

Which is why [del]google[/del] wikipedia is your friend.