A friend of mine sent me three photos in a file called winmail.dat. When I double-click on it it opens in GraphicConverter X. But it only shows one photo. Somehow, yesterday, I managed to see a slideshow; but I don’t remember how I did it. How do I open all of the photos in OS X?

Ask your friend to change his or her Outlook mail format to Plain Text when sending things to you. If it’s set to Rich Text then most non-Microsoft clients will receive winmail.dat.


You can get various utilities for handling this problem - although I agree suggesting your friend fixes it at his end is going to save him a lot of annoyed recipients. I’ve used winmail opener, but it seems it doesn’t work for Mac. They recommend this freeware for Mac.

That worked for the first attachment. As I said, the first photo shows up in GraphicConverter X. TNEF allows me to save all three images as .jpgs. The attachment I received yesterday would not open the first image in GraphicConverter X. It says there’s an error and shows a lot of text. TNEF would not open the new file either.

But at least I know that if the first image will open in GraphicConverter X, then I can open them all in TNEF.