Winnipeg Dopers, I need some help


I don’t want to give out too many details, but if anyone knows someone who is bondable person, with checkable records, and good with taking care of a 7 year old boy in Winnipeg for 2 days in February I would greatly appreciate it. PM me for details. I will pay reasonably well. I will not have a car so the caregiver would either have to come to the Polo Park area and hang out at the hotel (swimming pool, cable, restaurant lunch) A college student with a few days off Feb 23 and 24 would be ideal. I am willing to pay resonably well, (but don’t know going rates in the peg at this time)

I basically need this to be a done deal by Tuesday. PM me for details. I am also investigating agencies, looking in Kijiji, and so forth but if you either know someone or a better way to look for this service, let me know.

I have to be in Winniepeg for business and also have holidays to use up. If I can combine my trip with my holidays and bring my son along I would love to do this, but if I can’t get this detail worked out, it will be a no go.

It is reading week for university students, if this helps.

On it - I hope to be able to give you some info or contacts in a couple of days…

Thanks. Of course, a Winni-dope could be in order too. I would just love to be able to bring my son along, since he’s a lot of fun on trips, and I don’t have a budget or time off currently for much

Man, who’d you piss off to get sentenced to THAT? :smiley:

And a hearty yes to a Winni-dope (I’m assuming you’re talking of a Doper get together). I’ve resigned myself to never attending one of those things (being a Winnipegger, Dope fests are always way too far away from me), but this would be great!

How many Pegger Dopers are there anways? MLS doesn’t count since he’s only here for business, but I’m estactic that out of towners such as MLS could come for it. I know of InWinnipeg, obviously. I didn’t know La Ministre was a Pegger, but I get more and more pleased when I discover more Pegger Dopers!

I grew up in Brandon, 200 km west of there, and most of my friends from school either stayed put or strayed to the Wicked 'Peg. I’m rare, for a Manitoban, in that I have never lived there. At any rate, I’ve sent FB messages and e-mails to friends who are back there. I’m pretty confident that someone will be able to come through with a few good recommendations.

I’d love to do a Winnipeg DopeFest, but my times back there are fewer and further between than I would like. I’ve been living in Toronto since '84.

I happen to love Winnipeg, and I lived there for a year in 1999/2000. Where I work is considered a satellite “Sub-Centre” of the Winnipeg office. So getting sent for training is good anyway. February wouldn’t be my ideal time of year to visit however, I have not forgotten the winters! Not that Thunder Bay ones are any better. I never understand the distaste for Winnipeg I can think of a lot of places less pleasant.

Any ideas how else/where else to advertise or ask around for a reliable babysitter?

Do you have any church affiliations? Or are you a member of any kind of service clubs? I was always astonished at the mileage my folks could get out of being Presbyterians and Rotarians…

Your office might be able to provide some recommendations as well.

I’ll keep you posted on anything I can come up with.

Did you call the concierge at the hotel? They generally can recommend an agency for that.

Hmm, not to be dismissive of otherwise excellent advice, but it is a chicken or the egg situation. - will not be letting the person who books my flight and reservations know the exact days to book until I get my details set. If I cannot bring my son I will fly out tuesday and come home thursday. If i can arrange child care then I will take a day on either side. Either way I won’t know what hotel I will be at until the other person arranges it.

I have some great leads, thanks for all who have taken an interest