Winter Purtiness! (Photos)

It finally, finally, finally snowed in Central NJ! Here’s sharing some snowy purtiness:

As a Minnesotan, I’m more in the mood these days for photos of spring prettiness.

I can only imagine, if the move Fargo is any indication of how much snow you get.

I was happy to have snow here, as this “winter” has consisted of very low temperatures with grey skies and no snow.

This part of Wisconsin is projected to exceed 100 inches snowfall this winter. Nurse Carmen, I am SO with you! I had to make do by looking at gardening stuff and lawn fertilizer at the hardware store yesterday.

This is what my winter mostly looked like.

I’m not complaining, mind, just sayin’. :slight_smile:

Jennshark, thank you! That is some gorgeous scenery. Is that a frozen pond there, or just snowy banks?

Thanks, Brujaja!

Yes, it’s a frozen pond in Cadwalader Park, Trenton’s main city park.

I’m liking them too, Jennshark. Here in my part of Oh-Hi-Oh, every winter storm we’ve had has followed the pattern of snow switching over to the dreaded “wintry mix” then switching back to snow. That has not been conducive to beautiful, snow-laden trees and sparkling, pristine swaths of snow in on lawns and fields. (It has, however, been conducive to closing the schools, which has made my son very happy.)

We passed that a week ago. Tomorrow is freezing rain changing to snow. I have some pictures if I ever get them uploaded. There’s been a lot of hoarfrost.

Hi Freck-f: I spent the last two years in Eastern Ohio and was disappointed that we haven’t had the kind of beautiful snow we got there. It’s why I snatched my camera and ran to the park, I was soooooooooo happy. (Now I’m ready for spring :smiley: )

From my apartment’s living room window, Chicago Northside, Feb 6th:
Purtiness is in the eye of the beholder.

My sympathies, dude or dudette. That looks hellish to actually live and function in. But in all honesty, I have never ever seen a tree all covered with frost like those in the background of your picture, and they are very lovely. Someone I know described to me a moment of epiphany from his boyhood in Connecticut; and I think that there is exactly what he meant.

Seein’ as how it’s already hotter’n hell down here, I’m happy to look at frozen ponds and snowy trees. :cool:

I took a couple more last night. We got hit with four or five inches and it came down in marvelous clusters the size of … of …rambutans! The really big ones dropped pretty fast while the smaller ones fell at slower rates giving the entire scene a sort of 3D moving starfield feel. Maybe I need my head checked but I still enjoy the snow.

Sodium vapor serenity.

Sickly yellow streetlight.

jnglmassiv, we dodged a bullet last night. I can’t even remember what we were supposed to get, but we got nothing, and everything went south. Don’t know if you got hit worse than you were supposed to or not. If so, I apologize. Sort of. Well, not really. We’ll get through this together. :frowning:

infinity percent correctified link
Sodium vapor serenity

Yea, this wasn’t that bad, either. They clear the streets pretty well around here which takes care of a lot of the snow-related problems.

w00t! We’ve been getting beaucoups of snow since last night, and it is of the beautiful kind. I’ll try to take some pics tomorrow.

Huh…missed this thread the other day.

Well, that storm gave our little Central Jerseyite her first opportunity to go out and play in the snow. :slight_smile:

We had rather a bad blizzard at the weekend - have a look at my blog for LOTS of pictures.

Getting home on Saturday night was a very scary experience and one I don’t want to repeat for a while…

Lets see,

From my deck last year. Pictures of two fourteeners’ Mt Bross and Lincoln. –

Lot’s more snow this year. I’d guess about 200 inches so far.

And from my office back in Sept or October. That’s Peak One. -