Winter Scenes

My first foray into semi-photojournalism - Winter Scenes. Please take a look at the slideshow - I have it set up with comments. I wanted to take pictures of how my world is half of the year, with the idea of trying to find something to like about a season I don’t much like any more, and also to try to bring an outsider into this world, someone who might not be familiar with living in a very cold, snowy place.

Very nice, lou! I loved those late snowy afternoons when we lived in Germany. Just overcast, and quiet, walking home from school and getting some hot soup to warm my belly.

One picture missing, though: You and your husband holding up a couple of steaming mugs of hot chocolate or clam chowder!

I agree about the blues on ths snow as well.:slight_smile:


Dang it! I didn’t even think of that! Well, we might be heading out to the local hot springs this weekend - I’ll see if I can get a good picture of us soaking in the hot pools. :slight_smile:

I think you live near me!

What gave it away - the snow-covered streets? (That’s a Calgary joke, just like our street cleaning.)

The mall. It’s right by me (Dalhousie).

Hey, that’s my go-to Future Shop! Or at least it was until the one at Beacon Hill opened.

Hey! That’s my backyard! And my extension cord!!! I think I might be getting stalked… that’s so hot. :smiley:

Nice pictures, wife of mine!

Lou musta took the wind outta the Pirate’s sails, y’all!:slight_smile:

Notice he said “wife” , not “wench”?:wink:

Arrrrrr, Dread Pirate Jimbo, wouldya pass me the petit-fours, matey?:D:D:D

After you finish the dishes of course!!!


Nice to meet y’all!:slight_smile:


I reserve “wench” for use behind closed doors. Now, if you’ll excuse me, the carpets won’t vacuum themselves…

Ya got yerself a good guy, lou! :slight_smile:

Sense o’ humor is very important!

Avast with that Hoover, me Heartie!

Keelhaul, and no friggin in da riggin’!

(I’m afraid that’s all the “Pirate” I know, Master Jim!)

Here’s to good friends!:wink:


Nice photos. I’d like to see some under nasty weather conditions - snow shots in bright like (or even overcast) tend to be fairly flat especially of close by subjects. Something like this can go a long way towards generating emotion. Also, some people in the scenes would bring viewers into the shots more then the static objects.

Hope this is helpful.

Very nice work - great reminders of why I’m happy to be out of NYC.

I’m allergic to snow.

Fascinating idea. It never occurred to me to take pictures while the weather was craptastic.

You know, I hate people in any of my artwork, so I think I am unintentionally biased about getting them in my photos. Must cogitate on this one. :slight_smile:

Well, lou, couldya cogitate me up a single tree in a snowy meadow up there? Maybe in the evening sun?

And make me a good price?

I have a jones for winter scenes, and something tells me you’re gonna be the champ-photographer who could do it for me!



I’m pretty sure we have a winter pic with humans in it somewhere around here… you know, the one with **mnemosyne **and her guy in front of the Saddledome from last winter during their stopover in town? Might need her permission to post it though…

No evening sun, and might not be quite what you had in mind, but I’ve got a shot of a single tree in a snowy field :slight_smile:


Cute tree, ** Gorsnak**:), but I was looking for one quite a bit taller. That shot of the barn is pretty, though!


I love hoarfrosty pictures. I also like kicking chainlink fences that are all hoarfrosted up. :slight_smile:

I’ll see what I can do about a tree in a meadow picture for you, Quasi.

My brother’s truck in a snowstorm.