Wireless technology capabilities

Ok, say you have three different TV’s playing three different programs.

Also, say you have five different sets of speakers.

How can you get the sound from any one of the TVs to the speakers?

For example, TV1 is showing Law & Order, TV2 is showing a hockey game, and TV3 is showing The Man Show. How could I enable each set of speakers to choose which audio stream to listen to, so that Speaker1 and Speaker3 are listening to L&O, Speaker2 is listening to TMS, and Speaker4 and Speaker5 are listening to the game?

Also, I need for the speakers to be able to change. Speaker5 is listening to the game, but wants to switch over to L&O.

I believe it’s possible, but I’m having trouble visualizing exactly how it would happen.

I’m also concerned about interference if I have different wireless transmitters connected to each TV.