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I install sound systems in barns at horse shows using small amps attached to a single horn. The wireless connection is made with a motarola radio connected with a 1/8 to rca Pigtail. My question is… Is there a better way to do this now with new technology . % separate large stabling areas… ?? Thanks

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This question is impossible to answer with the information you’ve given. There could be transmitters that send a clearer signal than yours, but you don’t tell us what yours is. There could be speakers that sound better than yours. but you don’t tell us what yours are. Why does any of this need to be wireless?

You “install” them – as in permanent installations? I used to do AV work for special events, and I never “installed” anything – I set things up, and took things down.

I agree with Boyo Jim.

What range is required? Quality of sound? What is the purpose?

It sounds like the OP is using walkies or FRS radios all on the same frequency, and the remote radios’ headphone jacks are connected to the small amps and horns.

Sounds like a perfectly fine way to set up a portable and flexible paging system in a barn. About the only other options would be Bluetooth or stringing wires. Bluetooth range probably isn’t enough for the application and BT devices have a way of un-pairing at inconvenient times. Another option would be professional wireless mics, but they’re probably more expensive than the existing radios and probably not as durable for this environment.

You could do all of this, if gotpasswords is right, with a setup consisting of mini computers, wireless modules and/or radio modules, a multichannel DAW setup to send and receive wirelessly. This could be made to transmit to phones(android), probably certain speakers and microphones with inbuilt technology, multi sensor tags, or via a receiver with an amp and a normal speaker. I’m pretty sure I could cobble together a multichannel walkie talkie sound projection system just with stuff I have around at home. I think I could even make a multichannel bug-system out of it.

Questions: If you have a working system, why do you want to update it? Isn’t the radio system working properly? What’s the purpose of this system - Is it in a professional capacity, or are you just helping someone out?