Wireless USB Hub for the Mac

My Google-fu has failed me. Does anyone make a wireless USB hub that’s compatible with a Mac? I’d like to put my computer in a closet and still use some of my wired USB devices.

I have very little experience with Macs, but I was under the impression that with anything made in the past few years, USB hardware is all pretty much interchangeable between PCs and Macs.

I thought the same thing, but the ones I’ve seen and tried all required software drivers, and those are only available for Windows.

These guys say their’s works on a Mac: WiRanger: Wireless USB 2.0 Hub
Lousy website though. It supplies neither a date nor a price.
Looks like it runs $175

At that cost, I’d probably go w Airport extreme.
Useful, if slightly dated, thread: Truth about Wireless USB Hubs and Mac OS X