With a knicknack Googlewhack...

Well I stumbled onto the site by accident, although, if I’m not mistaken, I had heard of it before by Invidious Courgette…

Googlewhacking is the art of finding two words that only bring up one result page (said page not being a word list or dictionary or anything) and the word being a real word. Easier said than done.

But I found one:

pheromonal anthropomorphization

Except now it will be two because I listed at http://www.googlewhack.com.
Anyone else able to come up with one?

Fixed your link for Googlewhack.com.

I just found one too: “angiographic epitrochoid”. Unfortunately, the mouse slipped when I was clicking on the field to enter my location and I submitted by mistake. Craptacular. Well, at least I’m in. :smiley:

Color me stumped; mine is no longer coming up in any searches.

Wonder where it went?

Never mind; I forgot I had SafeSearch on at work. Although why SafeSearch would block out a RPG Spell index is beyond me. Unless it’s seeing it as occultish or something?

Dang. When I first saw that site last year (and no, that’s not supposed to sound as “I’m cooler than you!” as it does), I came up with one right off the bat: chlamydia slowpoke. But it no longer qualifies; there are now like two pages of results.

Stupid blogs!

herniated panopticon

Fucking useless keyword hits:

Do I need one of these? How much should I pay?

Crap. Never mind. eBay doesn’t have it. Oh well. Sounded too good to be true anyway.

I found one - erythrocyte tortellini - that only gives one hit on Google, but when I try it on the Googlewhack page, it says it finds two. What gives?

civilist mugs :slight_smile:

You realize you likely have CoolWebSearch spyware on your system if you’re getting those results, right?

Antigen, I get two hits as well:

It took a little more time than I thought – about ten minutes. I present to you:

unparagoned ogre

<applause, cheering>

strychnine chimichanga

Ah, see, when I used Google, that first one, the random word list, wasn’t there, just the second one from the CDC. Odd.

congruent chimichanga

insolvent chimichanga

insolence chimichanga

Cinnamon Girl, as the aforementioned panopticons (-ca?) are on backorder, may I offer you some callipygous pachyderms?

You’re making me hungry, in a really twisted way. :wink:

I and my gelid aftermarket thank you for the link.

copasetic tendinitis

I’d just like to point out that Google doesn’t index Googlewhack, so registering shouldn’t invalidate your 'whack. Handy, no?