Without Google (or similar) searching, can you identify the significance of "DePatie"?

This name just popped into my head and I “knew” that I knew its significance but I had to resort to a Yahoo! Search to verify it.

Does it ring a bell for you? If so, how?

Do you associate it with something or someone famous or at least noteworthy?

Is there a similar name that bugs you enough to do a websearch for its associations?

If this ought to be an MPSIMS topic that’s fine by me, but it’s most likely to ring bells here in CS.

First mental association: Pink Panther cartoons. I will now go check if that has any basis in fact.
ETA: Yep, it does.

Without googling… something cartoon related? Pink Panther maybe?

Cool, Shoeless and Bryan Ekers! I wasn’t able to name the specific toon but I did feel pretty sure he was involved in stuff as far back as my earliest cartoon watching (let’s say 1950s to be generous).

I did know enough to associate him with this guy

First thought for me was The Pink Panther cartoons.

French cow poop?


No to all three.

Well, I guess it’s similar to “DePaul” like the university/Catholic saint, but not similar enough that I’d confuse the two.

Teamed with the great Fritz Feeling.

Cool. See Post#4 (hidden) :slight_smile:

Good one. I’d be curious how many “De___” names there must be in the “common names” zone. I just thought of Rebecca DeWinter and there must be dozens more.

Is there a better pronunciation of DePatie than DeePayTee? I don’t think I’ve ever heard it pronounced.

Since we’re unspoiled-boxed, I can say that “DePatie-Freling” leapt into my head immediately.

David DePatie pronounces it De-Patty.

That’ll work for me. Thanks.

Yes. They did for me, too. It’s kinda like Allis-Chalmers or Daimler-Benz.

Yup. I enjoy cartoons far too much for an old fart.

…of course, these guys also represent what animation archivists and scholars have officially dubbed the “Fucking Awful Period” of cartoon artistry. Cheap production values, inane writing, and Larry Storch doing most of the voices.

No. No, I cannot.

Yes I could. Big Pink Panther fan from back when.

I had zero association without looking it up.

Names, in general, are one of the things that don’t stick in memory for me. Especially for people I didn’t know personally, I’m more likely to remember things about what someone did and it’s importance than their name. As a result I’ll tend to search for the name instead of search for why the name is important.