Without Google (or similar) searching, can you identify the significance of "Loverboynik"?

The response was fun enough to Without Google (or similar) searching, can you identify the significance of “DePatie”?that I thought I’d try another one.

Geezers ought to have a leg up on the younger crowd unless the young’uns engage in some esoteric reading matter.

Let this be a “top of the head” response without resorting to Google or the like.

Please spoiler your answer.

No idea. Let’s say that it’s someone in the USSR around 1980 who was infatuated with Western culture, but was against the USA for whatever reason. (I was thinking the Moscow Olympics boycott, but I think Canada was part of that, too.) So, they were big fans of all things Canada.

I knew who DePatie was, though. :slight_smile:

Not altogether a bad guess. Right track anyway. I fear this may be too far from mainstream for the average Doper to connect with.

So to save a bunch of scrounging, go to

Nope; can’t place it.

Kimble: Yep! I knew the name DePatie!

There is no need for me to use a spoiler box. I don’t recognize either name. Since you mentioned age, I am 38. I don’t know if that means I’m too old or too young to recognize the names in question.

I’m 54 and neither rings a bell. Even after google, it seems pretty obscure

I just googled loverboynik and this thread was the second link. I guess that means the reference must be obscure.

Geezer here.

Al Capp’s version of Liberace.

49 and never heard it before.

Never heard the term that I can recall.

Apparently I’m not very good at this stuff.

The weird thing about the 50s that no one today can identify with is that if you didn’t get a comic strip in your local newspaper it was as invisible as the dark side of the moon.

Never heard it.

I’m amazed that Google has failed those of you who tried it! See my spoilered comment in Post #3 if you’re curious.

Looks like I’d better turn over the trivia games to somebody else who’s closer to the current crowd’s age bracket.

Nice work, panache45! :slight_smile:

Geezerish. Didn’t pick it up. Remembered after seeing the spoiler. But I don’t recall it from the comic strip. The wiki shows 1956 so I was bit young to be reading at the time.

Sounds like something Mad Magazine would use

No idea, until I looked it up. And even then, still no idea.

I would have recognized “Clark Rasputingable” or “Lorna Goon”, but I haven’t read any ones from the '50s.