Without sports, this wouldn't be wrong.

Right now in DC, specifically at the Reagan International Trade Center, there’s a giant outdoor display of Mickey Mouses (Mickey Mice?), one of which is the Red Sox Mickey. Fine in and of itself. I’ve walked past it and all the other statues for about three weeks now, and they’re whimsical and fun.

But yesterday, I saw something that just felt WRONG. A young boy goes running up to the Red Sox Mickey, wanting his mother to take a picture of him with it. Nothing wrong there, tons of kids around the plaza doing the same with all the statues. He’s wearing a Washington Nationals jersey. Again, nothing too wrong; maybe the kid’s doing the reasonable fairweather rooting for last season’s hero, and double dipping with the local team. Not like AL and NL are clashing here, he can have both if he wants.

But the kid has on a hat, too. A navy blue hat with an overlapping N and Y. A Yankees cap, for shame. If only I could get a copy of the mother’s photo, I could make this kid an internet joke, err I mean, sensation.

[sub]When telling the story to an equally nerdy friend, I made the joke that upon seeing this, I expected an improbability field to form around the statue, turning the kid into a potted petunia thinking “not again.” But maybe that’s just too dorky here. So I won’t say it.
Oh, crap. Right.[/sub]


Hey, I walk past those statues every time I visit the Department of Commerce! (Specifically, tennis Mickey and saxophone Mickey - not sure where baseball Mickey is). Hi, neighbor!

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Tennis and Sax Mickey are in the food court. I can understand you going in that way. So much nicer than the main street level entrance to DoC. Sax Mickey’s one of the best of the entire lot, says I (though I presume he’s inside because his shiny paint job may not be as weather-sturdy as some of the rest).

And hi back to ya!

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Ha! I used to work at the DoC. Up until about a year ago. :slight_smile:

just had to do the sign on trial and since the reason was the HHGTTG quote from Only Mostly Deads original post
the name was a bit unispired but then again it’s almost 5 here and wanted to get this in as i’m improving my froodiness while proving i really know where my towel is :cool:
hoping i’m not the only one jaced about the upcoming movie even if it is disney

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What sort of business to you have at the Commerce Department?

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I myself have business at DoC at least once or twice per month, depending on my caseload, as a field investigator for OPM. I’m the guy that goes around, interviewing you, your coworkers, your friends, neighbors, and a guy you once knew for a weekend camp visit in second grade, to make sure you are not a terrorist and deserve your clearance level.

I have no idea what Bricker does.

[/cthoth, swmawatotatr ;)]

Back on topic: It’s a kid in a Yankees cap, and a Red Sox Mickey! This is wrong (and amusing)!

Well, y’know. Commerce.


I was in Germany for three months last fall, and I could walk around the market square in town and see a half-dozen Yankees caps without even trying. At one of the food festivals, there was a booth selling fruit dipped in chocolate, and everyone there had on yellow outfits with white aprons and a yellow-with-black Yankees cap. I asked one of them if she was a Yankees fan (even pointing to the cap) and she had no idea what I was talking about.

It’s just a fashion accessory.