Witnessing on Google; film yesterday morning.


Hope I have that link right.

I . . . really don’t know what to say. If it’s a joke, it isn’t funny. If it’s serious . . . well, there’s a cop in New Jersey who read the post and is apparently going to follow up.

Weird-ass shit, either way.

I don’t think it’s a joke. The initial post is titled “911”. That’s too much of a coincidence, and too creepy.

This person knew something.

How absolutley bizarre. I suppose it would be easy to fake such a thread but it still grabs my interest. Thanks for the link ! I’ll be interested to see where it goes.

I read that.

Bastard - if it’s true.

If it’s not he’s just a dumbass.

I was wondering when someone would post this. An acquaintance of mine found the post and passed it along to the CIA. I doubt it’s a joke, too, and I sure as hell doubt it’s a real psychic. If it was, they’d’ve given something more than vague threats.

Here’s hoping it pans out.

Holy hell.

…on second thought this does remind me of those fake “cnn.com” links (at the end the address is lanset.com) - I’m sure someone will let us know soon around this board.

WTF? That is serious shit. Read this -

"Message 7 in thread
From: Xinoehpoel (tesnal@psl.moc)
Subject: Re: 911
Newsgroups: alt.prophecies.nostradamus
View this article only
Date: 2001-09-04 12:40:28 PST
Wait 7 days, and then maybe I’ll answer this post. You see, I am going away
in seven days, and you will not hear from me again.


Seriously, if the FBI hasn’t seen this they sure as hell need to.

some notable notes from the thread…

“anyone else notice that this guy’s name spelled backwards is
leopheonix? the phoenix is the bird that raises from the ashes. the
leo astrological sign is the lion. maybe some kind of egyptian lion
sphynx connecttion?”

and his email address (tesnal@psl.moc) can be re-arranged (forgot the word) to palestns.com (almost palestines)

this guy IS serious, he knows something.

Something must be done.

As of 4:04 EDT:

I don’t know what this implies if the link worked before.

Man. The link doesn’t work now. And it was fine just a little while ago. Is that weird or what?

The link works for me now…

It seems to work on IE and not on Netscape for me.

For those of you having trouble, there’s a space in the link right after “monitor.” Delete the space and you’ll go through.

May I point out something here?

911 is the national number for emergency; that connection has been noted before in connection with yesterday’s tragedy. That this is also the date of the disaster is a coincidence.

Now consider the number of apocolyptic fruitcakes out there posting to messsage boards and newsgroups; especially something called “alt.prophecies.nostradamus”

Frankly, the possibility of an event like yesterday happening on any given day approaches zero; but the possibility of a fruitcake predicting that something terrible is going to happen on a given day is only infintesimally smaller than one. So it is almost a given that if you look to find someone who predicted the event, you will find one.

What happened to our skepticism? This jerk predicted something would happen ‘tomorrow’ on 8/31/01. The next day was 9/1/01, or the prophesized ‘911’, yet when an event occurs on the 11th you reinterpret his prophecy and give him a hit.

And this from a forum that specializes in prophecy. There are also people there discussing that the bible and old Nosty himself predicted this tragedy.

what we have here is a news group devoted to predictions, and a poster who, from what i saw in other posts, looks like a known troll.

the thread begins with a vague threat that “something bad” will happen to the members of the news group on sept. 1. the day comes and goes, nothing happens, troll backpedals. then he says that he won’t be around anymore after a week. again, he threatens the members of the news group.

a week goes by, something bad happens, and we’re supposed to believe that this random moron had something to do with it? please, he’s just a troll. nothing more, nothing less. although, i’m sure he’s enjoying his sudden fame.

Yeah, until a hyped-up paranoid FBI knocks on his door…


That’s exactly it – the guy already messed up his supposedly divine powers in that very same thread, a few posts up. A thousand monkeys banging away at a thousand keyboards will either eventually get you the complete works of Shakespeare, or apparently some clown who backs into a day of national disaster.

Really hope the FBI works him over, though – not because I think he had anything to do with the crashes, but for once it’d be nice to see a troll get what he deserved for further ruining usenet.
the Holy Avenger

Hey…his e-mail backwards is “lanset”-same as the fake cnn.com links. Just something I noticed.