Wittiest "location" byline?

Mine is dead boring, but others are far more imaginative. What are the best? Which humorous byline is most common? Anyone wish they’d entered something other than what they did when they registered?

I forget who has it, but:

Location: Location: Location:

is my favorite.

In case you’re unaware, you can change your location field in your user control panel, roger.

And, to play along (and be vain), I rather like mine although I’m unsure how many people understand it.

Please explain, Aesiron, so we may praise you…

Aesiron, thanks for the info.

Is it rhymimg slang? Hants, perhaps?

I’m quite certain mine is the wittiest. Of course only the trully intelectual will get it.

No I’m not going to explain it for those that don’t, you’ll just have to suffer.

Mine is a literary reference to one of my favorite books, but is apparently is so obscure that nobody recognizes it.

It’s just a double entendre based on a former poster’s habit of of posting that she wasn’t wearing any pants. Most (all?) of the people that have ever commented on it have taken the it to mean something more … intimate (which is intended) when I actually mean it to be that I’m wearing her pants.

Nothing profound or probably the least bit amusing to anyone other than me but I like it.

My favorite too, but I can’t remember who belongs to it either…

I’m almost certain I’ve seen more than one poster using it. (Correct me if I’m wrong.)

I used to have Location Location Location but I changed it because quite a few people have it.

Does anyone have “Location: Schmocation”.

Go ahead if you want. I like mine.

I have the wittiest location byline possible. Only a select few can see it. If you can’t I guess you are not in the cool group.

Mine is merely descriptive.

{blush} That would be me. :stuck_out_tongue:

I used to be “out of the blue”. Maybe someday I’ll go back.

Someone here is from “The kingdom of butter”. While that may draw on elements other than wit, it still never fails to make me smile.

Yes, but there is someone else too…

Got it.

That would be Philster.

Uh…, Philster

That would be Mangetout.