Wittiest "location" byline?

The “Location” line does not inspire me; besides, I like to have it showing if I say something state-specific.

Now, I do enjoy messing with the “Organization” box when I start up new software: “From front to back,” “In alphabetical order,” “Not much,” “if I told you, I’d have to kill you”; that, I like.

I’ve always thought mine was rather clever, and I’m surprised no one has commented on it.

I like it, too. Whenever I see your posts, I look at your location and start singing that damn song. :stuck_out_tongue:

Aha. Got it.

I’ve seen it, but never thought about it – for all I know, there’s a real location by that name. (There’s plenty of places I’ve never heard of.)

Very clever. :rolleyes:

You have one of those ones I wouldn’t think twice about until you mentioned it. But, since you have mentioned it, I might decide to visit sometime :wink:

You don’t live on Cun Terrace, do you?


Mine is not meant to be witty, but rather an indication of what a visionary I am. You see, some day when the internet is the inter-universe-net, aliens and people from Mars and stuff will know what planet I’m from. Of course, the fact that it really means “dirt” might end up being a hindrance…but I’ll burn that bridge when I get to it.

No one ever gets mine. They didn’t get the last one, either. I’m gonna have to move back to Stupid Racist Flyspeck from Hell, Mississippi, I guess.

As for mine, you could say it’s the state I’m in …

I always thought of my location as being witty, self-effacing, subltly ironic yet unabashadly pretensious, light and perky with a fruity aftertaste, bold, manly and exotic without forgetting the values that made America great.
Then I moved to Akron, Ohio.

“Down the rabbit, whole”, belonging to Alice In Wonderland

I get it. It proves that you can’t pick your neighbors.

I think one was 12" from the CRT, and another was “between keyboard and chair” (A nod to an old geek joke).

kung fu lola: Location: In your pant leg.

Because I always have to think, "why’d she be there?

I like one I saw today I liked. Can’t remember who but it said

“Staring at my GPS”

Heh, remember SPOOFE’s?
Location: SPOOFE!

I would like mine better if I didn’t have to shorten it to fit into the edit window.

It’s because I can be a real dick.

Mine’s an obscure pseudo-self-referential joke which rightly goes uncomprehended by the vast majority of dopers.