A search reveals one single solitary mention of this on this site. I see a whole mess of ads for it on the gameshow network. It’s a bunch of snaggletoothed looking housewives talking about how cool they are because they play an MMORPG with their kids, and that it’s good quality time for the family.

Frankly, that characterizes it in my eye as quite possibly the WORST game to play; I haven’t played massive multiplayers since my MUD days on Telnet, but whatever cool factor those nerdfests might have seems completely lost if I’m going on a quest with my mom…:smack:

Has anyone tried it? Is it as horrid as I assume based on the ‘E’ rating? Do real gamers take it seriously?

FWIW, it’s rated 7.39 on MMORPG.com; for comparison, City of Heroes is 7.53 and Free Realms (another family-friendly one) is 7.16

I let my 8-year old play it as a reward, and he’s already bored of it.

Our son used to play it when he was 10 or 11 or so. He enjoyed it at the time, but has since moved on…he’s playing League of Legends these days.