Woman saved by message on bathroom wall.

i think it is an amazing story. it seems she was reported missing just a few months ago, yet she says it has been a year.

i’m glad one person took the time to read it and respond. hurray for mt aycock.

That is such a horrible horrible story.

I don’t know if I would have believed the message either… Thank G-d someone did.

Holy crap! I’ll be interested to learn more details about the story. I wonder why she didn’t try to escape, if he had that tight control of her.

Well, he couldn’t have brainwashed her… could he? Then again, maybe he only let her out to go to the washroom and stood guard outside the washroom (not the stall) door. I’ve heard worse… but what a story! Thank goodness Mr. Aycock and the authorities took it seriously! Holy crap… what a story, indeed!

I can’t imagine the despair she felt after leaving all those messages and getting no response.

Yes, it’s indeed a horrifying story. YEs, I’m very glad that she’s safe.

I nearly posted a similar thread, admitting that my first thought was “oh** great**, NOW all those others being held captive by truckers won’t even be allowed to go to the restroom”.

Well, I’m one who doesn’t “get it” at all. He didn’t have her handcuffed, and he let her out of the truck to go to the bathroom at intervals. Why on earth didn’t she just walk away, at any time during the last six months? Battered/abused women, I guess, who don’t think they have any place to go, and who don’t think they “deserve” anything better.


I do feel sorry for her.

Duck duck and others,
The AP story on the wire tonight says that he would wait outside the bathroom to prevent her escape and had beaten her regularly.

The AP story also quotes the trucking company owner as saying that he doubts its an actual kidnapping, “just a lovers’ spat.”


Wow. That’s all I can think to say. Wow.

Allow me to be the first to say…
*Ripped from the headlines…*tonight’s Law & Order.

I’m surprised she never ran into any people in the bathroom who she could have said “look, I’ve been kidnapped, when you go outside please call 911” to.

I’m sure he probably made certain there was no one else in the bathroom that could have helped her.

Though this is decidedly un pc, is she black? I saw a photo of her but it wasn’t a very good one and the article said she was covered with bruises. So now I’m curious.

What the…I coulda sworn I submitted a reply earlier. Stoopid database musta ate it.

I’m really curious about this. I’m wondering like OpalCat how or why she never just told somebody. The message that was acted on was in a rest area bathroom. I’ve been in a lot of interstate rest areas, and have never seen them totally empty, even very late at night. Was he really able to manage it so that she never once in all those months encountered another person? It just seems very strange.

Alrighty, I’ll submit this again…
Wasn’t this a plot line on C.S.I. lst season?
If so, the truth is indeed stranger than fiction.
If not, then I’m having a really wierd attack of Deja Vu.

i saw a bit of an interview with her and bit of another with mr aycock.

she had 2 very bruised eyes, longish blonde hair. she said she was tied up and beaten constantly. the truck driver would talk to her like she was a dog and would have her on a rope tied to her neck. the impression i had was she was never out of the truck and untied unless she was in the bathroom, and that he would be sure she would be alone in them.

the police man that responded to mr aycock’s call stated that they found her in the truck and that she was bound.

a most bizarre story with more details yet to be seen.

here’s an updated article, w/ a picture (apparently recent) of the victim. Her eyes do indeed to be swollen, lots of what appear to be bruises, too.

However, tho I am female, my hair is it’s natural color, don’t use dye myself - but, as the mom of a 17 year old male, I have watched him bleach and dye his hair frequently, and let me tell ya, ain’t no way in fucking hell that color is natural, nor is it a 6 months ago dye job. It’s a recent dye job, and there’s no way I , with my limited knowledge of the process, that I believe that she did this in public restrooms w/o a chance of some one stopping by.

To interject a bit of shallowness into the thread-MULLET!!!

As for the hair color-perhaps he made her do it somewhere, or something? Or maybe it’s even a wig?

From what I’ve read so far, it seems like this woman was in bad shape when found and the police have confirmed that she was bound.

If she has indeed left messages in previous locations, then no doubt the police have found some of those previous messages.

Yes I, too, have many questions - among them why how on earth she got hold of a permanent marker and concealed it from her captor - but I don’t read anything much into her hair colour.

We don’t know when the publicly released photos of her were taken. It might well be that once found and safe, she dyed her hair.

It scares me that we seem to be prepared to look for things which disprove this woman’s story, in spite of police confirmation that at least part of her story is true.