Women and hairy guys.


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Dammit! I want a beard!

Wow! Elizabethan humor! Not something you hear, every day.

If you call it that in public, I can tell you why it hasn’t been used, lately. :wink:

Long, dark hair and goatees. Very yummy.

Treasure Trails. Very sexy.

Hairy backs or an overabundance of chest hair. No thanks.

Figures. I finally find one, and she’s three thousand miles away and already taken. :frowning:

I used to have shoulder length dark blonde hair and a beard and moustache. I just have the 'stache, now. I’ve had it almost continuously six I was about 17. Every once in a while, I’ll shave it off, just to remind myself what I look like, without it. That guy in the mirror doesn’t look anything like me! :wink:

The loss of beard was voluntary; the loss of hair wasn’t. I used to get compliments on both, as well as the Jesus comments. Never had a woman ask me to heal her, though.

I’m not totally convinced I’ve lost the hair, though. It could just be that it’s migrating further south as, the less I have up top, the more I seem to have in other areas. Luckily, it seems to be bypassing my ears (so far). :slight_smile:

Girls love to rub my shaved head.

Hair can be good, but it needs to be in the right places.

Brad Pitt when he looked like jesus - sexy!

Pete Sampras and Robin Williams - not sexy!

Personally, I like a nice furry belly on a chap.

I’m a girl and I’m not particularly fond of guys with lots of hair. I don’t normally like guys with facial hair, and prefer if they’ve shaven the day that they’re with me…it hurts to be kissed by a guy with stubble! I don’t like their hair to be really long, just long enough that I can run my hands through it. Also, I’m not particularly fond of hairy chests, but I can deal with it.

I am, happily, a fully employed hippie (4 consecutive “real” jobs now!) and I get to keep my hairs despite being in the corporate world. (Thank god I’m doing database design and not sales or something). With the solitary exception of my Mom, the people who have expressed annoyance or dislike for my long hair and facial furs have been male. (Therefore, no important people whose opinions would count for anything).

LOL… taken by an MA man too … who’s 2995 miles to be precise :smiley: