Women and hairy guys.

I have long hair that is pretty nice apparently. I am always getting girls coming up and asking if they can touch it, ask what I use on it and how long I’ve been growing it at so forth.
I’ve also had a beard since I was about 16. Usually I trimmed it to a four or five. However several weeks ago I just decided to stop doing that. It’s now pretty damn full. With most of the hairs 2 inches long or more. Now I also get girls coming up and asking if they can feel my beard, saying they have never felt a full one before and always wondered what it felt like. One guy actually asked yesterday.
Do other hair growing guys get this? Or am I just some sort of zoo-freak(Come and see the amazing Human hairball, touch it if you dare!)

P.S. I love having the long beard and don’t think I’ll ever go back to trimming it short. I was one of those people who never knew what to do with my hands before and now I can stroke my beard in a sagely manner and contemplate the ceiling when I’m confronted by an uncomfortable situation. :wink:

That’s why I grew mine in. :smiley:

I grew mine to compensate for trimming my hockey-stick sideburns back to squares, but I find the sagely goatee-stroking is a great side benefit.

Dammit! I want a beard!

Well…I’m a girl and I love playing with my boyfriends long hair. It reaches around the middle of his back. He does have a full beard too. But I don’t see a lot of girls coming up to him and touching him. I think its because people more likely think he’s “scary” than touchable.

When I had long hair I always had girls coming up to admire it. Often I’d be out at a bar with friends, and all of a sudden feel fingers in my hair. I’d turn around and some girl would apologize saying “I’m sorry, your hair is just so nice I had to touch it. How do you get it so soft?” or something like that. Now if I went up and starting running my fingers through some girl’s hair, i’d get slapped 9 out of 10 tries. Not that I’m complaining, I met a lot of girls that way. If it weren’t for the job, i’d grow it long again in a heartbeat.

Longhair and beards are fine.

Hairy backs, ears and nostrils are not. Each to their own :wink:

I hear Nicole Kidman’s available.


The one thing that has annoyed me is when women say one of the following:“That’s just wasted on you.”

It has been said about my long hair, my eyelashes, and believe it or not… my lips.

I point out to them that the men I boink don’t think it is wasted in the slightest.


LMAO, fizgig!

I love love love long hair on guys. I always have. My husband is Mach3 bald, so I really admire long long hair on guys now. The grass is always greener, eh? I like beards, too. My husband has a beard but it’s so thick that if he lets it get too long he looks like he’s wearing a hedgehog on his face.

I would never just touch some random guy’s hair, though. Seems kind of invasive. But you must have some very nice hair, wolfman, if random people want to touch it.

So apparently the location of the hair is important? Back of the head OK, back of the body not OK?

Seriously, my son had very long hair for a number of years, and women would comment on it contantly…it was a light honey blonde with very slight waves, and very thick and fine. When he enterered the corporate world and cut it off, his SO saved it…and she takes it out every once in a while and wistfully strokes it.

Me…I’m bald with a hairy back…and my wife kids me about both, and runs her hands over both.

Another admirer checking in. I married a guy with long beautiful hair and a full on beard. If I’d loved everything about him as much as I’d loved that hair, we might still be together. :wink:
Seriously though, I’ll admit to going up to guys in my college days to comment on their hair if it was exceptionally nice. I was bolder then, and it was a great way to meet guys. You are chatting these girls up, right?
The only condition I’d have is how thick the beard gets. Fuzzy and warm is good, the kind that goes from your cheekbones down and looks like one big, dense hairball are scary. JMO.

My bf has long hair and a goatee… yummmmmmm… he’s also very hairy lots of other places. I find hairy men very very very sexy… I most especially love that line of hair from their belly button to their bits and pieces - yesterday heard it called a “treasure trail” … dear god that bit is sooooooooooo sexy.

Hairy men rock !!!

Yeah, I married a great big fuzz ball. I love it. His beard is really soft and I love the way his moustache curls around his upper lip. He wears the moustache long for me even though it sucks up about a third of everything he drinks!

I usually let my beard grow from fall to spring and then trim it during spring and summer.
I’ve had a beard since high school…grad. in '80 My hair is straight, medium brown w/ light streaks (construction work) and past my shoulders.

I have had many a woman walk up to me and cop a feel…:smiley:

Plus a big hairy chest and a Harley to boot.:cool:

Argggh genetics played me a bad hand because I CANT grow a full beard- If I let it grow out all I get is this patchy adolescent pseudo-beard that people just laugh at me about.

I hate it. But on the other hand, I am not very hairy for a guy. No back/arm/knuckle hair at all, and minimal chest/leg hair. So I guess I am just not very hirsute.

Funny. I hate having to shave every two days. It grows into this huge tangled mess of stubble if I don’t. Most people who say they don’t need to shave say they feel like circus freaks - but honestly, getting cut up by the Mach 3 or “close” shaves really aren’t that fun either. Be proud of being balless (no I’m kidding - you’re not).

incubus, you and i are in the same boat.my hair just isnt thick enough. you beard growers, i hate you, i’m jealous and damnit all shave it. i love hairy women, underarm, legs, pubes gez it drives me nuts. my wife will have none of that though…

One ex had wonderful curly, shoulder-length hair and a beard, a reasonably trimmed one, not some ZZ Topp-looking thing. It wouldn’t be a good look for everyone, but it was definitely a good look for him (although I was always trying to convince him at least to keep his hair neatly trimmed, as we are both either blessed, or cursed, depending on how you want to look at it, with ethnic hair of the vaguely Semitic variety. It goes out in all directions if it isn’t well-trimmed).

Once he went out with the guys, and a woman came up to him in a cafe and asked him if people often told him he looked like Jesus. Well, they did (and probably still do), and she replied, “Well, if you’re single, heal me!”

I call my goattee the ‘anus tickler’. Hasn’t been used for that in about five months, though…