Women and webcams - not quite what you think

I spend some of my time browsing webcams (no more than 23 hours a day), looking for some skin (camarades preferred, webcamnow is too slow).

I see some guys jacking off in an attempt (according to what they have written on the page) of attracting a woman.

Now, as a gay guy, I know I am supposed to like this stuff (if I read the instruction manual correctly), but is this something that really turns women on?

Would you travel across the country to meet this guy?

In general, do women really watch this stuff?

Maybe I’m wrong, but what I think is that this should have been posted in MPSIMS.

In my humble opinion I think IMHO :slight_smile:

Off to go find women masturbating on webcams…
[sub]might as well go on a search for the easter bunny[/sub]

And the winner is… pezpunk! The correct answer is IMHO!

No. I do not watch this stuff. I would not travel across the country to meet the kind of person that would jack off in front of a camera.

(Girl’s opinion. One of many.)

Yes and no.

If it was someone I have a relationship with then yeah, it would be pretty erotic. Not much different than phone sex, just with better visuals.

Just some hairy assed stranger would be really creapy and not something I would want to see. Maybe. Sorta. Okay, maybe out of curiosity if the mood was right, but I would definitely not meet the guy.

Diane, I don’t think I tell you often enough how cool I think you are!

FTR, I agree with Diane.

Wow, thanks Beth! I was thinking the same thing about you!