Women are not necessarily whores.

Subtitled: Women, please stop being whores so I’ll be right.

So, today I am angry. I have seen one too many advertisements for pre-Christmas, during-Christmas, and post-Christmas DOOR BUSTER SALES!!!OMG!!! for Just The Right Gift For Her. My cell phone has a “Her Favorites” section in the games menu. I will not get started on the specifics of the sexist, presumptive atrocities perpetrated by the marketing folks for the jewelry, bridal, interior decorating, home appliance, and other industries - if I do, I will be here all day, and you will all have wandered off to go read something more interesting. Suffice it to say that I am thoroughly sick of seeing advertisements, books, movies, entire social constructs dedicated to the idea that women’s sexual favors can and MUST be bought.

For those of you not in the know, I own a vagina. It’s mine. I like it. I am, realistically, a pretty big fan of my own vagina, because it’s part of my daily life that’s pleasant. My uterus, not so much, but that’s an entirely different rant. I do not rent my vagina out. It is not a commodity. It is a part of me, and as such, I share it with the people who’ve proven to me that a) they care about me and b) they will treat every part of me with respect.

This is not to say that no vagina is ever a commodity - the thriving sex trade obviously says otherwise. But, for the love of things shiny, wet and throbbing, can we please stop mistaking every day life for the sex trade? I know and respect a number of sex workers, but that’s because they are up front about the trade for value that is taking place. By carefully and repeatedly insinuating that a vagina can only be seen as a tradeable commodity, the cultural constructs that are marginalizing the value of a vagina as part of a whole woman are making it impossible to see gifts of monetary value as anything other than an exchange for an entry pass into the Cavern of Mysterious Wonder. Argh! Why does it have to be hard?

Then, on the other hand, there are the women who have bought into this idea - that they are valuable, and as such should be bribed to play along with their partner’s desires. They are more destructive in their ever so cultured Kool-Aid chugging than any marketer could hope to be. Without the women’s active participation in the ongoing perceptual idiocy, this couldn’t happen. Without women who would insinuate that yes, once they get that new car or that new rock or that new refrigerator or that big wedding, they’ll put out, this couldn’t happen. Without women who claim that they’re looking for a man who will “take care of them” because they think they are paying for their free ride with a season pass to their poontang, this couldn’t happen.

I think my point is: women, stop being whorish. If you’re going to put a pricetag on your pussy, then be honest about it. Fucking men over and around with the idea that you are a prized commodity to be bought on the open market is doing you no favors, because you’ve just made yourself the equivalent of a t-bone steak. Tasty, but not something you’re going to devote everlasting affection to. Instead, be slutty - it’s much more fun! Give your vagina up freely and with enthusiastic abandon! Make it a compliment to your partner, not a paid commodity. Discover joy in not feeling like you’ve “wasted” something; your vagina is not going to wear out, and once you stop thinking of it in terms of a limited commodity that must be traded, you’ll find that you may enjoy the use of it much more. No seller’s remorse the next day, after all - you’ve not sold anything, and you’ve not lost anything. (We’ll leave the speech on picking your partners wisely for another day - for now, just get used to the idea that showing someone you care for them by spreading your legs is not the evil that your mamma taught you it was. You’re all grownups, so you know I’m not advocating sleeping with just anyone who walks past.)

By the same token: men (and women who date women, obviously), stop being fucking dumb. If a woman wants you to pay for your season pass, don’t - barring, naturally, it being an honest exchange in the purview of the sex trade. Paying for one devious woman only encourages the rest of them. Women get just as horny as you do, and don’t forget it. This whole concept that a woman’s libido is a flighty gazelle to a man’s ever-hungry stalking tiger is ridiculous. Find a woman who matches you, and will give it up because she wants to, not because you’re paying her to. Also, start calling these women on their bullshit. Any woman who tells you one thing and expects you to do another - call her on it, in no uncertain terms. She expects you to communicate with her, so you have every right to expect the same. Demand honesty, forthrightness, and a willingness to say what she means, not what she thinks is the expected thing to say. Stop putting up with their bullshit, and stop listening to a society that tells you you have to in order to get the Golden Pussy Of Ultimate Salvation And Purity. They are people, just like you are - hold them to the same standard to which you hold yourself. Any lower is assuming they can’t make the cut for your standards; why would you want someone who can’t meet that criteria?

Whew. I feel better now.

Disclaimerization: I respect women who choose to save themselves for marriage or some other cultural institution, so long as they do it honestly. I respect those who engage in the sex trade, so long as they do it honestly. I respect those whose choices differ from mine, so long as they don’t try to choose on my behalf, and they represent their choices and beliefs and feelings honestly. While this post is written in a tone of “do this because I say so,” my actions in life reflect an attitude much closer to “I don’t agree with your choices, but they don’t materially impact me, so I honestly hope that they are bringing you the results you want.” Thank you for reading my venting; I really feel much better for having had that bitchgasm.

Bravo. Bravo, indeed. Please join.

I think I love you. Do you prefer Kay or Jared?

Ow! Okay, okay…

This is what I’ve been saying since the age of 13! Nobody listens, though. Nobody listens.

I love to sing-a/about the moon-a and the June-a and the spring-a,

Every Pit begins with Pee. TM

Because real women just LOVE to be showered in gold!

No. I base my pussy price on the gold standard, but do provide sliding scales for the poor, yet well-endowed.

Sorry, but at this rate, yes, it probably will.

That was a very good rant. Full of good metaphors, vitriol, and good advice.

That and the wit in your user name tells me that you should part with your money and join us!

I dunno, but it’s certainly getting there!

And I’m supposed to stand up and go for a break soon! :eek:

Might I risk testicular evisceration by suggesting that, as someone who appears to speak for the female gender, you must acknowledge that those women who do rent out their vaginae in return for fripperies are an extant and significant minority of femininity, and therefore should be supported in their choice of self-determination - even though their outlook happens to disagree with yours?

I printed out this thread and gave it to my wife in lieu of a Christmas present.

Thanks a lot, Internet. :frowning:

First of all, anything from either of those cheesey places isn’t going to get you into anyone’s vagina.

Secondly, sex is boring. Don’t do it.

Agree with most of this, but a woman doesn’t need to actually ask for any compensation (even indirectly e.g. jewelry) for society – or the guy she just screwed – to deem her a whore. You’re right that there are plenty of women who want sex just as badly as guys, when it’s good, and guys who want it less. I guess that has been a bit of a secret – ‘Ohhh, okaaay. I guess we can have sex now that you’ve mowed the lawn. (hee hee)’ But it was not too long ago that most men had all the money and the power in hetero relationships. Mom had to put out in exchange for a new fridge becaus ethat was the only way she’d get one. Old traditions die hard.

Absolutely. That was part of the point of the disclaimerization - I understand that a significant portion of the female gender has decided that this is a really awesome way to live. I support their ability to make that choice, and I would not take that ability away from them if I had the power. What I will do is refuse to date them, buy them things, or recommend them to others as date-worthy material. If they want to be part of a free market economy, that’s fine; I will use the appropriate methods within our society to influence their value in that economy. That doesn’t mean I’m going to sabotage their relationships, or go out of my way to convince others not to date them - I don’t have the time or motivation for that, and I would feel distinctly oogy about it in the bargain. I will offer my honest opinion of their motivations and methods if asked, though, which often leads to me being unwelcome in the sort of group that expects polite lies. :slight_smile:

Example, for clarity: I have several male friends who ask my opinion of their potential girlfriends, because they respect my observations. I will point out what I like and don’t like about each woman, because they asked. I will point out possible high points and possible pitfalls, because they asked. I do the same for women who ask my opinion on their own actions and attitudes, because they asked. I would not, by counter-example, offer my criticism of someone’s partner or potential partner unsolicited, because it’s not my business - barring said partner being a clear threat to the health or well-being of someone I cared about, which is nearly never the case. And, obviously, I am more than willing to spout off at length in a format where no one is a captive audience, and no one will be harmed by my ranting.

If you find it boring, you’re not doing it right. :wink:

First of all, let’s not mix words like “cheesey places” and “vagina.”

Secondly, sex isn’t necessarily boring. Buy me something and I’ll show you.

hah! I had the same thought when I wrote it. I actually said “ew” out loud.

Wait what were the sexist things these vagina busting sales were advertising?

psst…hey! I’ll bet if you pay for her membership, she’ll offer you a season pass to her mysterious cavern.

In that case, I concur. Because I don’t want no drama.

No, no drama.

True. The ones who give it away usually get that label; saving it for a Man of Means is just being a Nice Girl.