Women living in the United States, would you date an uncircumcised man?

I know many women in the United States prefer circumcised, but is lack of circumcision a DEAL-BREAKER for you?

Sorry for the second sex-related thread in the same day, but this is another thing I wanted to ask.

When I’m interested in a penis, it’s erect. Therefore it makes no difference to me. (My friend actually didn’t even realize her partner was uncircumcised until she was pregnant with his child and dithering over what to do about circumcising if their baby was a boy. That was an awkward conversation. But most uncircumcised penises are indistinguishable from circumcised ones when erect, which was the only time she’d had his penis in her sight, as it were.)

Why in the hell would I care?

Same here !

How is it that two people can be married and she never sees a relaxed penis?

Yeah, that’s weird.

And they are different erect, too.

Only outside the US.

Or what they all said. If I’m willing to get jiggy with you, all I care about is that it’s up. Everything else is off my radar.

As to this…

I once knew a young lady in my school whose sexual activities were quite legendary. Yet, she’d never seen a flaccid penis either. Straight from heavy petting through clothes to insertion. I have no doubt that once married, she could’ve been a total ‘lights off only’ kinda girl.

Where did I say they were married? They didn’t even live together.

It would make no difference to me at all.

How would a woman know she’s dating someone uncircumcised before she started dating them, regardless of preference? It’s not something I mention over drinks…


I’ve seen 'em both. (I’d say that they look slightly different even when they’re erect, but completely different when they’re not.) I guess I have a slight preference for circumcised, however it’s never been an issue.

I know I’m not the target audience of the poll, but just to say: I’m a European woman and I’ve never actually seen a circumcised willie in the, er, flesh. And I’m by no means a virgin. For the rare person who’d refuse to date someone for that reason, do you actually realise 99% of Europe gets buy totally fine with foreskin.

Isn’t it a checkbox on dating websites? Part of your Facebook profile?

Any man I were to become involved with must follow my faith and culture which means the penis must be circumcised.

Huh, it seems such a natural topic - Girl to man: “Hey, I’ll leave the tip for the drinks! By the way, as an infant did you happen to leave a tip anywhere?”

Also European, and I didn’t know I’d seen one in the flesh. Till the guy I’d been casually shagging for a few years explained that’s what was up with his. I just thought he had a weird one.

If I knew a guy well enough to have his baby, I’d know him well enough to sometimes change clothes in the same room, and otherwise see each other naked.

Username checks out.

On sober reflection, I don’t believe I give a crap whether or not my romantic partner is circumcised.

Also, for what it’s worth, I believe that is the first time in my entire life I have actually given any thought to that particular question. And I’m 40. And have been married (after an active and varied dating life) for 10 years. I could not even tell you with certainty whether or not I’ve had relations with both circumcised and uncircumcised men. I think (and the probability agrees with me since I live in the US) that it’s likely I’ve only had sexual relations with circumcised gentlemen, but I just can’t be certain. There were several gentlemen with whom I had shorter relationships where I am confident that I never saw their penis in its flaccid state. Heck, there is at least one gentleman where I don’t know that I ever saw his penis at all other than in silhouette (we did not date long, and the experience wasn’t so much fun I repeated it).

I should point out also that it’s not necessarily all that easy to tell at casual glance whether or not an erect penis is circumcised, and generally speaking if things had progressed to a point where naked, erect penis was involved, one’s attention to specific details tends to be somewhat less than comprehensive.

Also, I invite you to find a polite way during the heat of the moment - so to speak - to phrase “Oh man, your dick sure looks weird - you circumcised?” To paraphrase a friend of mine from many a long year ago “If a gentleman is goodly enough to want to show me his naked penis, how stupid do I have to be to make any comment other than “Yay! Thank you!”?” I might remember to inquire politely after the fact if I were really curious, but chances are really, really good that if I’m satisfied with the outcome of the experience, either I won’t bother (because really, who gives a shit?) or I’ll let it go on the principle that it’s mostly not super polite to inquire about tiny details about a partner’s physiology. Particularly if it might be inferred that you disapprove in some fashion.