Women living in the United States, would you date an uncircumcised man?

I’m Canadian, living in Canada, but it makes not the least bit of difference to me if a man is circumcised or not. I couldn’t tell you the status of any of the men I’ve been intimate with, and there’s been a few. I guess helmet head vs fire hose is low on my list of priorities when it comes to intimate partners.

I know it’s not a problem in and of itself and I actually don’t want to be circumcised, but I am living in the United States where there may be a significant portion of women for whom this would be a deal-breaker.

Circumsized penises are much more aesthetically-pleasing.

It’s like a guy wearing tight Levi’s versus a pair of JNCO’s.

I’m an uncircumcised male in Canada. If this is a deal breaker for you then I don’t want to date you either, unless it was a religious imperative.

^ Add me to this list. I really don’t give a damn.

I noticed some people voted the fourth option, although not a lot.

As some people suggested above, women can’t often tell if a penis is circumcised when erect. But what if there’s a religious woman and she thinks the man is circumcised because she can’t tell at first and then somehow later on in the relationship (which she most likely will eventually), she finds out he’s not and then dumps him?

How can this above scenario be avoided? How can the man “weed out” this type of woman earlier on?

(Male here.)

Its beginning to sound like this is a “guy thing” like when men worry about their penis size and don’t realize that women worry far more about how they use it rather than how big it is or whether or not it is circumcised.

Online I feel like I’ve seen women express more disapproval about lack of circumcision than small penis size, but maybe it’s just me.

The bigger issue for such a woman is going to be that he is not of the faith or culture he is claiming. She’s likely to establish that by participating in religious or cultural ritual with him before hopping into bed. Religious women aren’t known for sleeping around - discriminately or indiscriminately.

OP, do you regularly send a dick-pic with the text asking girls out?

I’m Jewish, and when I was younger I thought it would be a deal-breaker. I dated on guy who was uncut, and worried about it. But we broke up for other reasons, and I ended up marrying a guy who happened to be circumsized.

Now, I think that if I were somehow on the dating market again, I wouldn’t care. It now seems like a pretty incosequential bit of anatomy. Although I still can’t imagine being intimate with a guy and not knowing.

My penis status is on my business card.

And do you drive a Chevy Cobalt?

I disagree.

Well… certain religions would be indicative of a culturally-induced desire for one’s partner to be circumcised, so don’t date observant Jewish or Muslim women? Although I’m told Islam doesn’t require circumcision, but it’s viewed as a good thing? Not sure on the details. I’m not sure if Jewish women seeking an affair but not a long-term relationship would care, but for long term, as in, getting married and raising a family, they’re pretty likely to seek a circumcised partner or ask a partner to have the procedure (if a man converts to Judaism he has to get circumcised if he isn’t already, and even if he is, there’s still a ceremony he needs to undergo).

Although, as **Puzzlegal **points out, even among Jewish women circumcision is not a universal requirement these days.

As for the rest of it… unless you can somehow or other bring up the subject early on (without it being a turn-off) it’s a risk you run. I think far fewer women actually care about the matter than popular opinion might claim, and keep in mind quite a few parents are now choosing not to circumcise and the younger generation have fewer circumcised men so depending on your age it may be less of a problem yet.

Ah yes, penis shadow puppetry. The chicks dig this.

You don’t have a category for done both and have no preference, your first option sort of lumps 2 different though similar categories together.

(Straight woman here)

It wouldn’t matter to me either.

I prefer circumcised but as has been mentioned, once they’re hard there’s no difference that I’m aware of. There was a time when it would have been, not a deal breaker, but definitely somewhat of a turnoff. Like when I was young and just learning my way around that, er , area. I wasn’t sure what to do with it and it frankly didn’t look good to me. But once my dating pool started to consist mainly of the Queen’s subjects I quickly learned to love them like their cut brethren.

Harsh words, puzz! :smiley:

As for me, I have never even seen an uncut one, but I don’t think it would matter.