Women, look out!

Well, I’d suggest that you make it out to Alberta if you can. We need an excuse for a Dopefest! And we promise not to rag on you because you’re a Torontonian.

Heck, they didn’t rag on me. :slight_smile:

You know what, Sunspace? You remind me of me a lot. (Well, me 20 years from now, of course.) Looking at your picture, you even sort of look like me. And do I remember, in one of those accent threads, someone saying that you sound like me?

I guess I must wish you the best of luck in your quest for dates, because if you can manage it, then perhaps I can too.

I’d check the pics in Arnold’s gallery first before saying that… :slight_smile:

Thanks. Though I suspect you’ve had an easier time than me.

That you know of. {Cue ominous music.}

We might have to rag on Sunspace a little - you’re redeemed because you moved out here. :slight_smile:

Alberta Dopefest - Summer 2011! Hey, we could have it in Drumheller at the Royal Tyrell Dinosaur museum there.

Now, now, that’s no way talk. You’re going to have to have the right attitude to have any hope at all, and that starts with an outlook that’s more upbeat and realistic.

Surely it’s just the English-speaking ones who would be fleeing at this announcement.

In all seriousness, good luck. And if you figure out the secret, let the rest of us know, m’kay?

You’ve obviously never heard me speak French. :slight_smile:


“And now, you can purchase The Secret[sup]TM[/sup] for a low low monthly payment of only $29.95! All major cards accepted. Order today!
[sub]One size fits all. May not be exactly as described. On approved credit. 30 days’ written notice required for cancellation. Not to be used while operating machinery. Do not mix with precription drugs. See standard disclaimer.”[/sub]

The sad thing is, if I thought that would work I’d probably pay for it.

Good luck with that, Sunspace! If you’re more than willing to date someone with young children, you are a rare man. I hope you find someone who’s really good to you.

I live in Montreal, but my brother and his family live in Edmonton. If you have a Dopefest next summer, I’ll try to make it. Someone has to chaperone you kids.

An interesting idea, but it raises a good point: with enough time to plan (and assuming Sunspace keeps us up-to-date with his plans), we could set something up that is a little outside the norm. Drumheller is an idea, but I’d also suggest the Kananaskis, Canmore, Banff or Lake Louise, or Waterton (which, the more I explore it, I find to be an underrated jewel of a national park). Or there are other ideas we can brainstorm that aren’t necessarily in Calgary or Edmonton.

Sunspace, any thoughts? If you could make it out to Alberta, what would your preferences be?



Mountains… longing in voice

I’ve been to Banff (liked it).

I’d like to see the dry country around Osoyoos, but that may be a bit far to go. Ever since I read that it was the northern tip of the Sonoran desert biome, I’ve been fascinated by the idea. And I wonder whether the banana plantation is still there.

When we were out west before, I was hoping we could get to the Royal Tyrell, but it was not to be. I would really like to see it. I mean, it’s royal! And it has dinosaurs! How could we lose?


When you come through Manitoba, drop me a line :slight_smile:

If I am not out playing Army, we’ll go for coffee or a beer!

Sounds great!

[sub]If I plan this right, I can say hi to Dopers in every province on the way there! The Continuous Trans-Canada Dopefest!

:: is certain that there are Dopers in Saskatchewan, but isn’t sure who ::
:: thinks there’s someone in Thunder Bay as well ::[/sub]

Drumheller is an interesting place for more than just the dinosaurs; if you come out in summer, you’d get the full prairie-in-summer experience - sky as big and blue as you can imagine, heat coming off the ground in waves, grasshoppers chirping, air completely still and hot and dry. Plus, dinosaurs. :slight_smile:

My mom was from Saskatchewan, and she always spoke of the beauty of the Prairies, the Land of the Living Sky. When she went to the Rockies, she said that the mountains just got in the way of the scenery. :slight_smile:

Want. To. See. (for real, this time.)

I can always use a reason to go to Ottawa. :slight_smile:

That sounds like you’re planning to drive the distance. If so, you can indeed meet a number of Dopers along the way. On my way across Canada last summer, I met one in Saskatchewan (so yes to your question about Saskatchewan); and might have met another in Thunder Bay, but my schedule didn’t permit it. Anyway, with enough planning, you could probably manage micro-Dopes in Ontario, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan; in addition to what the Alberta Dopers arrange.

I’ll be driving through Bancroft tomorrow, on my way from Deep River to Oakville.

I have nothing else to add to the thread, but was wondering if there was a good spot in town to eat lunch?

I recommend, in rough order of price, from inexpensive to expensive, though none of these are Toronto-expensive:[ul][]basic and friendly food - Dave’s Place on Madawaska Street next to the Shoppers Drug Mart,[]pub style food - the pub/restaurant, at the corner of Hastings and Bridge (Hwys 28 and 62),or, [*]fancy - the Granite Restaurant, a block west, on the hill overlooking Hwy 62 South.[/ul]PM me an ETA and let’s meet! :slight_smile:

It’s cool, I’m open to an open marriage. Mostly I just want [the Canadian equivalent of] a green card.

Congratulations and good for you!

I wish I was brave enough to get back out there but I’m not…:frowning: