Women not allowed to vote: My theory

Warning to militant liberals: What I’m about to say is incredibly sexist and politically incorrect.
In general, males value individual freedom/liberty, individual sovereignty, and personal responsibility. In general, females value security, safety, and social cooperation. No one can deny that this has been a truism of human nature since mankind has walked the Earth. Men and women are pre-wired with these values.

Now to my point… This country (the United States) was founded on the basic principles of individual freedom/liberty, individual sovereignty, and personal responsibility. Thus, our country was founded on traditional male values. And I believe this was the reason women were not allowed to vote; it wasn’t because they weren’t intelligent or informed, it was because their basic values (in general) contradicted the basic principles this country was founded on.

Now please don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying women should not be allowed to vote. But what I am saying is this: the creeping socialism in the U.S. may be due in large part because women have imposed their basic values (security, safety, and social cooperation) onto a country that was founded on diametrically opposite values (freedom/liberty, individual sovereignty, and personal responsibility).

Anyway, it’s just a theory.

O.K., let the hate mail begin…

Women weren’t allowed to vote in any country, whatever the “values” of that country were.

At the time women weren’t allowed to vote they also weren’t allowed to speak from the pulpit in a church. This had nothing to do with “principles of individual freedom.”

Sorry, Crafter, but you’re all wrong. When the country was founded, only men were considered for the vote (and male landowners in most areas). Women were just not considered capable of voting or holding political offices or principles. The mindset of the time refused to consider a woman involved in anything other than running the house and supporting her husband.

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