Women: obese vs short men

Say this is the 6 foot tall obese man:

Danny DeVito - an example of a 5 foot tall man (ignore his face and build)

Verne Troyer (Mini Me) - 2 foot 8

Is this a joke thread?
‘Ideally built’? Like a three feet tall Johnny Depp, or what? (That’d be cute and creepy at the same time.)
Also, the ‘rather’ in your question sort of softens the whole premise. Makes it less categorical.
Plus, it’s hard to judge someone’s shallowness if the only characteristic we get to base our choice on is looks.

For clarification, are you asking women whether height or weight is the more important characteristic (and possible disqualifier) in a potential partner?

I liked “what is your IQ and penis size?” more.

Not really… well I put some joke responses in the poll though (e.g. the lesbian joke)

Ideally built means whatever the woman wants it to mean. It means big muscles if she’s into that, or slim, etc.

Sorry I don’t understand… is there a better way of doing this poll?

I included that response for women who claim that looks don’t mean anything. (yet I think they might choose a thinner or taller man over an obese man)

Yes but I’m keeping one of those variables constant (weight/build/fatness) while varying the other (height)

I hope some women reply… me and my flatmate are interested in their answers… btw it isn’t a public poll.

It’s just that the obese part seems to be an add-on.

I see two questions here, and I find it hard to answer them both with one answer.

‘Is someone being 6 feet tall so important to you that he could be obese?’; and ‘How short could a man be if in every other aspect he fit your physical ideal?’.

Hard to determine whether weight or height are more important here, is what I’m saying. :slight_smile:

So, let me answer like this, if someone were six feet tall, but obese, I most probably wouldn’t be attracted to them.

I also probably wouldn’t be initially attracted to someone below 5 feet. (I’m 5.3 if you’re wondering).

Is this OK, or would you like some clarification?

Well, I like guys who are on the smaller side (see: Sr. Olives, who is 5’ 7’’ and 140 lbs). While the idea of dating someone really short (5’ or under) doesn’t seem super exciting, there is a lot more that goes into physical attraction besides just height, so it doesn’t seem fair to rule anyone out. My Aunt used to have a coworker who was a little person, and she swore up and down he was totally sexy. So while I would prefer to keep it around the 5’ 7’’ range, I’m open-minded.

ETA: I also have been attracted to overweight guys. What do we mean by obese here? Can we have an illustrated example?

None of the above, I like toned men over 6’ tall. Military uniforms are a plus.:slight_smile:

I’m a big girl, and I like fit men. However, if I do see a big man that I like, he also has that stocky, football player kinda thing going on.

The same way some big women can be really sexy, and some aren’t quite built sexy, the same can go for obese men.

As for short men, they just aren’t my type at all.

ETA: Olives, I can certainly believe your aunt about the little person being sexy. Sexy is so hard to pin down. It can happen to anyone.

I think that the obese guy would probably win, because he could use his body mass against the shorter guy. Unless the shorter guy was super-fit and the obese guy was really unfit. But in general, I’m putting my money on the obese guy.

This was about a wrestling contest, right?

Not shallow.

Height and weight have never made any difference with any man I’ve been interested in.

Well, you knew that post wasn’t going to be that easy. So, let’s just get it on; how does finding certain physical attributes attractive make one shallow? How does not finding certain physical attributes make one deep?

ETA: Sorry, Rushgeekgirl. I didn’t properly read the OP. I thought he was asking about what we find more attractive, not which we would rather date. Sorry about that.

I’ll take short over fat any day, although I wouldn’t say “never” to anyone. Just that shortness (even in the extreme) does not repulse me whereas obesity does.

I am pretty tall for a gilr (5’9") and prefer to be with men that are taller than me…

I also do not have a physical attraction to obese men. My husband, who agrees he needs to lose a few, already had me when he gained the weight…

So none of the above…

I have, in the past, said ‘never’ to PLENTY of would-be suitors! It wasn’t my job in this life to date the hopeless!

I never minded short men, being 5’2" myself - as long as I didn’t have to look way down at them, it was fine if they were on the short side… Fat? Fat men were put in “friends only” category - sorry, Chubby, ain’t gonna happen, and I don’t care if you ARE rich.

My husband is 6 foot tall and a teddy bear type. So I actually had a choice in this poll!

I’m 5’4" and tend to find guys attractive between 5’0" and 5’10"; I like big but not fat. DeVito has against him that his size seems to be at least partly due to medical problems, but in that particular picture he seems to be at a better weight than usual (or maybe it’s the dark clothes and he’s pulling the belly in). For “short guys who send women into fits of hollerin’”, see “male gymnasts.”

I’ve told the story many times about the best “playah” I ever knew back in college – this 5’2" guy that basically looked like George Clooney’s and James Purefoy’s love child. Dude was beating off perfect 10s with a stick. (:D)

The 6 foot tall obese man from your photo is not so off putting that I would rather date a shorter, thinner man. He’s overweight but he might be a really great guy. I guess I’m saying I can’t really vote because I don’t just consider a mans looks when thinking about dating them. It is a consideration but not the only one.

If your obese man example was of someone who was 600 pounds and bedridden that would make a difference to me.

I meant I wouldn’t disqualify someone for a particular trait. Well, maybe for being a cannibal rapist necrophiliac or something of the sort. But just because someone has a less than wonderful physical characteristic doesn’t mean they have no chance with me. They do have to be a decent human being and have a good personality.