Women pressure men for sex

Where are all these women? I think I can handle the pressure :smiley: Read article

Lies. All lies. These women do not exist, it is all part of an elaborate terrorist hoax.

Couldn’t link to the article but it sounds like my FORMER marriage. Some women DO have a higher sex drive than their male counter parts. Believe it or not.:cool:

I recall in the dim past being twenty years old, and practically having to twist my eighteen-year-old boyfriend’s arms to get him into bed. I figured I was either really bad at it, or he was gay. :slight_smile:

Yeah I thought he was gay, I thought I was unattractive, I thought everyting thinkable…then I decided screw it (but NOT him) …I am soooo done thinking about it and went on with my life. I think that is one of the healthiest things I have ever done. I have had had more sex in the year and a half since we seperated than in the last six years we were married.

Names and addresses, dargonnit! Don’t they teach reporters the “Who, what, when and WHERE” anymore!?

I was once dumped because I refused to have sex with my then-girlfriend. I have a friend who lost a tooth when he refused to have sex with a girl he had been seeing.


The article says the survey was conducted in Germany. I think that says more about German men rather than German women. :wink:

For the sake of global peace, I think we should go and help these women out.

Damn! I bet she would’ve been a good lay.

Maybe, but I’m not sure how close I’d want to get to a woman who would punch a guy in the mouth for telling her no.


Inky - I live in Texas but then Texas is a BIG state.

Must… resist… tooth fairy reference…

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: LOL. We exist. What I want to know is, how is it we seem to be magnets for, and always married to, guys with such low sex drives? I know I’m not alone, there are at least 20 women on these boards in the same boat, ranging in ages from 18 through their 40s.

LOL yeah! It does seem that way. Women who are …uh hmm…high strung [sts] get the mild mannered couch potatoes…what is up with that?

but wait girls…my next guy has the same sex drive that I do which is fine as long as we are in the same town. EXCEPT…he goes out of town and can’t keep that pecker in his pants! DAMMIT. I mean great sex drive is one thing but puh-leez, you don’t have to stick it in every wet spot you find!

Is there some sort of seminar I can send my wife to, or pamphlet she can read?

“… there are at least 20 women on these boards in the same boat, ranging in ages from 18 through their 40s” cut off in this castle with no one to protect us.

Oh, it is a lonely life, bathing, dressing, undressing, knitting exciting underwear…

well, sex therapists are pretty common now. But what usually does it is the man going out of his way to make his wife feel attractive. Send the kids to friends’ houses for the night, make dinner or order in from a fairly nice place, candles, champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, music…followed by a really great seduction on your part, including making sure she has one really good, gut-wrenching, toe-clenching orgasm. Fantasy is important to us; sex isn’t just physical. I HIGHLY recommend this book.

I am almost afraid to read it…grrrrwwwwl…LOL

Hah, lieu !! You’ll work poor Casey into a frenzy.
On the other end of the spectrum, we have THIS lovely woman…