Women who pluck their eyebrows out, then paint them back on

Aw, no! As I’ve grown older, I’ve started growing freak eyebrows that are massively long and curl upwards (I call them Scottish Eyebrows).

I’ve been pulling them out, 'cause they look weird. Now I gotta either trim them or let 'em go?

While we’re at it, can we discourage women who line their lips with dark liner and then fill them in with light lipstick? They look like they’ve been eating shit.

My eyebrows are naturally very thin at the ends. I only pluck the stray hairs that refuse to grow in line. I don’t draw them in, I’ve tried it just does’t look right to me.

When I was a kid and played with my mother’s makeup I noticed she actually had stencils for eyebrows and lips, there were a couple different shapes for each. I think that’s what some of these older ladies use who have those heavily arched brows high on their forehead.

What bugs me are the women who bleach their hair platinum blonde then leave their eyebrows black.

I just wanted to point out that as the result of some medical conditions, not everyone has eyebrows. Myself included. So yes, I pencil them in, because I look ridiculous without them. But there are right and wrong ways to use an eyebrow pencil. It should not look like you used black liquid eyeliner. The pencil should match the haircolor, and be drawn in the natural brow line in the shape of real eyebrows. It’s really not that difficult, I don’t know why other people don’t realize that. Also, if mine grew back, I would never, ever pluck them. I’ve made a pact with myself on that.

Am I the only one who really, really despises that glossy shiny lipstick–the kind that looks liquid? Eyeeeeeugh.

There was a thread a while back referring to this phenomenon as “anus lips.”

Someone compared them to evil clowns, so someone yelled, “Evil clowns with anus lips!”

To which another poster added, “…doo dah, doo dah…”

I think we decided to call this look “anus lips” awhile back.

I was watching a tv show about a young ballerina who was quite pretty, but for some unknown reason had plucked her eyebrows nearly out, so that they were very thin and started almost an inch back of where normal brows are supposed to start. It was not a good look - I kept thinking that if I were talking to her in person, I couldn’t help but stare at her goofy-looking eyebrows. And as an up-and-coming ballerina, you’d think someone would have mentioned to her that she looked really weird. Or maybe someone is advising her to do them like that? Just strange.

Oh, thanks a lot, y’all! I’m totally stuck with that now. …evil clowns with anus lips, doo dah, doo dah…

Evil clowns with anus lips, all the live long day!

IIRC, drag queens cover their eyebrows with wax, then makeup, then put fake ones slightly higher. But I think this is because men’s eyebrows tend to grow in the wrong shape, or too low, or something.

I’m a natural blonde, and my eyebrows and lashes are clear. Clinique has a great product that is kind of like an eyeshadow, but denser and with a stiff brush. I match the color to the lowlights in my hair (light taupe, but at least it is visible) and I think it is a pretty natural effect. At least, most people can’t tell that I’m wearing makeup. I get comments from guys all the time that they wish more girls would go natural “like me.” I take it as a compliment.


When you see older ladies with Brow Issues, you figure, ah, the wages of a misspent youth. You figure they’ve seen brow fashion come and go, and you move on. When you see sixteen year old girls who have either plucked their brows to a one-hair line or drawn them back in with a Sharpie pen, you want to reach over the counter and shake them until their teeth fall out. And then call their mothers and say “You let her out of the house looking like that? Not to mention, why the hell are you letting your pretty 14 year old wear makeup? She dosen’t need it! And take her tweezers!” But I suppose that’s just me getting old.

In the few months of my minor moral slip at the tanning salon, my friend and I noticed a strong correlation between tanning and plucking. We were afraid there was some sort of tweezer ray in the beds that would make us do that to our faces too, and then wear iridescent cream eye shadow all up under where our brows weren’t anymore. We came to our senses before we reached threshold exposure, it seems.

And sweat, too.

Personally I wouldn’t have the patience to pluck out all my eyebrows, nor the coordination to draw them back on, but … whatever floats your boat.

(Kythereia, no, you’re not the only one.)

I had my (naturally white-blonde, invisible) brows dyed and waxed today. I am pleased to report that I told her she’d made them too thin last time, and that I looked surprised all the time.

I have lovely brows.

Evil clowns with anus lips
Doo dah, doo dah
Like they’ve been mowing on cow chips
Oh, doo dah day

Puckered for your sphincter
They brows is gone away
Evil clowns with anus lips
All the live long day!

Yes, I have a relative who does this. She’s spent 24/7 over the last twenty years walking about looking like somebody has just snuck up behind her and filled her pants with iced water.
I really do not get it.

Over the last few years, I’ve gone to the tanning salons on and off. I noticed that the older ladies (don’t take this the wrong way- I was 17-19, so they were probably 40-50…not old but older) were the ones guilty of this. All the younger girls (20’s) looked fine. Seemed like the older ladies were trying way too hard to look adorable and young…they had the Juicy sweat suit on (which should NEVER be worn by someone over 30…130 lbs…or that is wearing granny panties), the badly done blonde highlights, bright pink glossy lips, and no eyebrows.

Ah, I can’t wait to get older.

Oh, no, here it’s all the young ones. (The older ladies in the dreadful velour ensembles probably go to a salon out in the 'burbs.) They fry themselves medium brown, de-brow, and then apply green iridescent eyeshadow all the way up to where the brow ought to be. It reminds me a little bit of those pretty green beetles that you see on dead things.

As one of the staff of the American version of “What Not to Wear” said to one week’s guest,

I don’t think I’ve ever noticed this before. Obviously I’m not paying attention.

At least they pluck them of their own accord. I made the mistake of passing out drunk at a university party once, and when I woke up, I found that my “friends” have shaved the front half of one eyebrow, and the back half of the other. It made me look like I had a screw top skull, and had tightened it a shade too much. Talk about getting weird looks…