Women's Brains during orgasm: New Study

Here on MSNBC - it is just text so safe for work.

It basically says that a brain scan shows that certain parts of womens’ brains “shut down” during orgasm - if those cognitive parts are still after, they are faking it. So basically, if you can’t “let go of your day” you can’t come.

Is this surprising to anyone? I mean, having a clear scientific basis is always a good thing, but it seems pretty self-evident. A better question to me might be: how willing/able are you - male or female - at CHOOSING to let go of your day in pursuit of a pleasing sexual experience? It no doubt gets harder as you get older and you have more day-to-day pressures taking your thoughts hostage.

Question #2: can you imagine the test lab???

I can have an orgasm whether I have things on my mind or not. And I never fake it.

How the heck would you do this study? I am having visions of an experimental subject strapped into a MRI machine, while a lab assistant attempts to induce orgasm.

Sounds like a letter to Penthouse. “I answered an ad in the student newspaper …”

My cognitive parts fake it all the time. It seems like it’s a lot more related to calculus than to orgasms, though.

Yes I can, but then I’m a perv.

Seems like if you are a scientist looking to have some fun at work, this is the town you wanna move to.

In fact, I can’t STOP imagining the test lab now.

Damnit! Why did I pick school psychology? The other fields have so much fun. Digging through old Playboys, getting hit on my hot women on bridges, inducing orgasms. I suppose I could try stuff like that in my field, but I’d probably be fired/jailed.

Not necesarily.

Question #3: Who’d like to see Indygrrl take part in the follow up study?

Uh, perfectly able to come whether I’m stressed or not, but I’m certainly not doing anything you could actually classify as THINKING while I’m coming.

Irishgirl: studying for exams, planning a wedding, running a household and having a fantastic sex life!

having had an MRI recently and a nice new case of claustrophobia to go with it, the idea of having an orgasm while having an MRI strikes me as unlikely at best.

What kind of “brain scan” might they be talking about if not a narrow coffing like enclosure?

I recall watching a show not too long ago where couples would have sex in an MRI and they showed the scans. They would basically set them up, slide the couple in to the MRI and they could go at it.

The scans were kinda cool to watch.

You beat me to it. I saw that show too. I think I recall the couples as being employees at the lab (or at least, an employee and their SO) who were willing to partake of the experiment.

I don’t recall them talking about changes in the brain, but do recall them discussing now being able to proove the angle which the man is at while inside the woman. (apparently there was some dispute about it before hand.)

Hmm… But wouldn’t you have to stay still to have an MRI taken?

I was wondering the same thing. When I had an MRI done to attempt to figure out why I was getting migraines, they told me that if I didn’t hold still, they would have to redo it. I can’t imagine being that still during sex.

What, all at the same time?

Perhaps…restraints of some sort were involved?

Yeah, now I’m thinking of the lab, too.

Well, I always thought that women who are always complainig that guys don’t know what the fuck they’re doing because they can never achieve orgasms with them; really need to take a hard look at themselves. Because let’s face it, if you can’t please yourself, how do you expect anyone else too?

And I’m NOT talking about masturbation either.
But that’s more of a personal opinion not a scientific one.

I think the study means your brain deactivates certain parts of itself at the time of orgasm. It doesn’t mean you can’t be thinking of other stuff during sex or that you can’t orgasm during, say, finals week. My interpretation, anyway.

Some men will disagree.

Yep - that’s mine, too. My point is that I bet it is harder to “deactivate” certain parts of the brain - to “give them over to the orgasm” if you will - if they are stressed out and firing because of an inability to “let go.” IANADoctor, so it is just a guess…

Hee hee!