Women's wrestling? How did I miss this?!

I found this out when reading the newspaper, but didn’t catch it on TV. Darn! I would have loved to see two 62 kg women roll around on a mat groping each other for 3 minutes! :wink:

If you watched beach volleyball you could have watched Misty May and Kerri Walsh roll around in the sand hugging as they smacked each other’s sweaty ass.

Ohhhh…the Olympics…ok then.

I thought you were just now discovering G.L.O.W. or something…

One of the Spanish-language channels on our cable lineup covered women’s wrestling in a news bit. They showed quite a bit of 2 different matches. It was kinda cool.

Since the only Olympics I can ever remember watching is bits & pieces of NBC’s crappy coverage, I didn’t even know there was women’s wrestling.

Yeah, I miss Foxy Boxing from the 1980’s.