Wonderfully funny business names

If I opened one, I’d call it Peking Tom.

A cheese shop: C’est Cheese
A skate shop in an old church building: Church of Skatan (sadly now defunct I think)

That building is up for sale. I want to buy it if only to keep that name on it.

The yellow pages list a surprising number of escort services in my town. Sadly, most of them just provide escort cars for wide-load truckers.

A pet groomer named Haute Dogs.

And I’ve run across more than one “Pho King” in my travels. (And “pho” is pronounced something like “fuh?” in Vietnamese, helping with the pun.)

This one isn’t really funny, as much as it is groan-worthy, but I really enjoyed a hot dog stand in Evanston on Dempster that was called “The Wiener and Still Champion.” It was around in a couple of incarnations from at least the mid-90s through the mid-00s. It always seemed like such a ridiculously long name for a hot dog stand, with a stupid pun to boot, but I loved it. (ETA:Oh, and another Evanston hot dog stand: Mustard’s Last Stand.)

Not in my town, but when I was visiting Dublin, I seem to recall seeing a Chinese restaurant called Chin Fang.

I’m not sure if I saw this myself or online, but IIRC, there’s a pastry shop, I believe also in Dublin, called The Queen of Tarts.


Great gas and more at Kum and Go.

“Pho” is almost impossible to pronounce correctly in English because the word contains sounds that do not exist in our language. It sounds sort of like “pfah.”

There’s a Chinese restaurant in my area called “Food Lee”, which doesn’t sound very appetizing and while I’ve never eaten there, I know quite a few people who have, and they say it’s very good, and as authentic as it could be in the upper Midwest.

While chatting online with my BFF a couple years ago, he told me where his son had decided to go to college, and I pulled up the town on Google Maps. I found this restaurant name quite amusing, and eventually they went there, and they go back every time they visit him.


When I was a kid, there was a carhop place near my home called Dog N’Suds. At the time, it was a fairly large Midwestern chain that now has about a dozen locations, and you can still get their root beer in many areas.

I’m mentioning this because the last time someone mentioned Dog N’Suds on the neighborhood’s Facebook page, I Googled it to obtain the information I posted above, and saw a link for a dog groomer whose name was close enough that the pronunciation was still the same.

There’s no “pf” in it. It’s just /f/. And the vowel is pretty much an “uh” said with falling and rising tone. (So, sort of like “fuh?”). Many audio examples here.


There used to be a Wok Inn in Back Bay Boston.

There was a Curl Up and Dye Hair Salon in Providence, Rhode Island. I don’t know if it preceded the one of that name in the movie Earth Girls are Easy or if it just copied the name from there.

There’s a Curl Up and Dye in The Blues Brothers movie.

Went to a rock fest last weekend and their booths were all punny but the only one I can remember is the food booth called So Long and Good Bites which references Helena by My Chemical Romance.

Wasn’t he the villain in the original Hawaii 5-0? (played by non-Aisian Khigh Dhiegh)

There’s a place near Utica, Illinois, (Starved Rock area), where there’s a sign on the highway for a place called “Two Girls and a Cupcake.” Now, I don’t think that’s intentionally meant to be funny or a pun (I could be wrong), but I just can’t help but think “two girls, one cup” when I see that sign.

There’s a karaoke bar and restaurant in DC’s Chinatown called “Wok and Roll.”

Vaguely related: funny restaurant names are a staple of the television show The Good Place. Here’s a list of some that didn’t make it into an episode.

Ash Wipers Chimney Sweep