Wondering about Aaron Spelling's fame

Not to deny the man anything in light of his demise, but I keep hearing about the man without ONE mention of his partner, Goldberg. Shame on me for forgetting his first name. :smack: But, growing up in the 1970’s, you’d have to be living under a rock to have missed how almost every prime-time show was a Spelling-Goldberg production. :slight_smile:

So, does the SD remember Goldberg? What’s his full name? Is he still alive? And, what was his contribution to Aaron Spelling’s claim to fame (ref: Guiness Book of World Records) for giving us ~4000 hrs of TV shows. :cool: Was it 50/50, or was Goldberg just a slacker? :confused:

Remembering the Spelling-Goldberg team, :frowning:

  • Jinx

Leonard Goldberg

I don’t ever remember seeing Goldberg’s name on TV.