Woo Hoo! It's the WCWS!

(NCAA’s Women’s College World Series.)

Bracket available here (pdf). I have no idea about the rankings, but I gotta go with Angela Tincher and the Virginia Tech Hokies. She threw a no-hitter against freaking Team USA!

Games start at noon CDT May 29.

Seriously, I’m the only fan?

I feel so, I don’t know, sadwankerish?

You are not the only fan! My wife and I have recorded every game and have been watching them all.

We didn’t really have any favorites going in to the world series, but now I think that we are rooting for Alabama. I am really impressed by Charlotte Morgan. She plays with a broken foot, but still hits the ball out of the park and drives in runs. AND THEN, she turns around and pitches a complete game! That girl wants to win.

Stacey Nelson. Smart, gorgeous, killer arm. Yum.

Holy Crap. That was a great game. I was glad to see that A&M actually pitched to Katie Cochran after seeing her walked so many times.

I probably don’t need to spoiler this, since I don’t think we have a lot of College Softball fans who will read this without knowing the results of the games, but…

I can’t believe that ASU dominated the way that they did! 11-0 is an incredible score in softball. By the end of the game you could tell that A&M’s pitcher Megan Gibson just wanted it all to end, but she was having a hard time getting that last out.

Also, I really enjoyed John Kruk as an announcer. I think that he did a really good job of keeping things interesting.

Me too. He and Mendoza really kept things lively.

I was pulling for the Aggies, just so someone other than Pac 10 would win, but ASU was just way too strong.

Now, a few more games for Team USA, and the Olympics, baybee!